Killer Instinct Season 3 Ultra Edtion Details & Pricing

Killer Instinct Season 3 Ultra Edition - £31.99 (UK Pricing)

  • Kim Wu, Tusk, Arbiter & Rash Available On Release
  • 4 Other Characters To Be Released Over The Season
  • VIP Double XP Booster
  • 8 Retro Costumes
  • Accessory Sets
  • Bonus Character Colors
  • 18,000 KI Gold

Found all of this along with the option to pre order the Ultra Edition Season 3 Add On on the official Xbox Website.


What’s a VIP booster?

Good Question lol

Nice! Bonus character colors? Maybe for season 1&2 characters?

Correction. Dafaq is dis VIP booster.

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I have a feeling we may get a bonus character this season also as it falls into tradition but that is only my own personal speculation but yes! awesome bonus character colors :smiley:


code word for another guest character, Booster from Turboman in Jingle All the Way


Double XP - all the time.


No mention of story mode for the end of season 3? What a bummer, cause now I gotta buy season 3 to get my fulgore color 10. lol, stupid marketing tactics won me over again lol

HAHAHAH- NOBODY LIKES YOU BOOSTER!!! That line kills me all the time

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$39.99 here in the US.

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I feel like Season 3 won’t have a bonus character but I hope we will eventually get 5 “bonus” stages…

see what I did there

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Are the bonus colors going to be new ones or the same as the figures @rukizzel?

Have just bought Season 3 and can see it sitting snuggly in wait to be downloaded :smiley: !!!

Happy Days

0.0 Are you serious. You can’t possibly be serious. You’re not serious. I refuse to believe you are serious.

Booster for Season 3? Plus he has double xp all the time? Plus he is a VIP? Plz nerf IG.

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Soooo…it pretty much what I thought we were getting. S3 updtaes, and 4 characters. No hint of new modes? What is the KI Gold for if we have the Ultra edition? Less / no grinding? Then what is the Double XP for?

I’m confused.

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Wooooow. 40 dollars again for the ultra edition. Not cool.


SO it says if i buy ultra the game is available to play on the 20th? As in 2 days from now?

Probably a typo.

Different! I will take screenshots today!