Killer Instinct Season 3 Pricing Details

if they ported ki1 and ki2 we would only have 1 new stage Kappa

but i dont understand the reason for not including KI1 and KI2 classic games in the ultra pack. really bummed about that

Only 50 bucks for everything is great.

I’m just hoping that people will get it, the game deserve it.

Now, I’m just waiting for the launch trailer, the teaser and, of course, the season 3 (only 5 days to wait).

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download a emulator and the rom for ki1 and 2. problem solved… for free.

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But those are outdated, no achievements, no online play.

Ha! He-man reference…it’s Faker!!


Me too! Hopefully they tease the new characters like they did in the S2 trailer (doesn’t have to be silhouettes though). That trailer had me hyped the whole season lol

Not to mention they’re unedited & still show their Nintendo-y goodness all over.
(Available in your home in 1995 only on Nintendo Ultra 64!!)

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yeah that seems to be the case… which is dumb… cause there has been no way for anyone to get shajo yet for pc…
And since he is tournament viable… he needs to be at least available to people occassionally

$39.99 for Ultra edition just seems a little high for me since you basically get S1-S2 ultra edition with Classic K1 and K2 for $20 if you buy the Supreme edition.

That’s a lot of content for that extra $20 when you consider the number of characters, stages, and 3 total games that you paying half of what S3 is for.

I’m considering maybe just waiting for a sale to pick up Ultra S3 since KI Gold, early access, and double XP has almost zero incentive for me.

Edit: I would’ve thought there would be better pricing/bonus for the people that have supported the game by purchasing S1 and S2 already.

It’s basically been confirmed that KI gold just lets you unlock stuff you can get regularly by grinding it out. Also, out of the 4 characters at launch, the only one that really interests me is Kim Wu.


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Read the last part of that FAQ again

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Season 3 sale? Have fun playing arbiter in 2017.

Um…I just looked a bit closer at Tusk’s retro 7 pic…he’s holding a different sword.

I knew they weren’t going to be the same packages. People in the PC information thread said they would be the same thing and to just buy the console version. Told ya’ll to ask for more information instead of assuming the KI 1 and 2 would come to PC. All that being said, that’s a good deal for PC owners.

As for Shadow Jago not being available even though he is tournament viable, you guys get to face him and even set Shago up for matches in training mode. Saying you need him just so you could get experience is misleading. Especially since he is a largely popular character. You’ll face him more than you’ll play against Maya or any other character you don’t own.

Loving the color 7s!
Arbiter’s color 7 seems to be based on Ripa 'Moramee (The Arbiter from Halo Wars) and Rash’s color 7 sort of reminds me of Toxicroak.

They need to be more transparent about what that “might” be then.

Also, in this thread, they’ve confirmed that the 18K KI Gold will be there even after the launch…so again not an incentive to buy at the full price.

Edit: Staying tuned though.

Can I unlock those colors with KI gold or they are exclusive to the supreme edition?

@TempusChaoti pls do you all have any plans to get gamespot, ign etc to re-review ki season 3 , because i feel ki will get 100% rating especially with these awesome prices! Its incredible value money!!! GOOD JOB!!!

They’re the same Retro 7 colors from the Ultra edition, not unique to the supreme.