Killer Instinct Season 3 Graphics Shine Brighter


I’m glad to hear that

confirmed. Season 3 will have 3 returning characters and 6, i’ve said SIX guests. But no one knows which of them will have their own stage yet…

The Arbiters stage was shown in the trailer.

Oh god pls no. :sweat:

Whew! I’m almost panic about stages! : D

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Relighting looks really good. Love it!
I think only 3 stages is not the worst thing. KI has so many great stages already.
Its a bit sad, they wasted a stage on a guest character instead of providing one for the returning /story relevant characters (Tusk/Gargos).

then its only tusk to have his own stage. Plus Gargos wont be playable boss.:tired_face:

Why? I believe Gargos will be playable in S3!

He has said multiple times there are only 3 total stages in the entirety of Season 3.

Only three.

No more.

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just guessing IF @rukizzel isn’t trolling us at all.

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I imagine Gargos will share Shadow Jago’s and Omen’s stage. Vampire character will share Sabrewulf stage? Unless of course this is a troll job. Or he’s giving us the bad news now :sob: for S3.

There’s a music select option isn’t there.

…I-isn’t there?

rukizzel pls

Nothing to worry about regarding stage and character count. We have TWENTY stages, and We at least have ~5 characters confirmed so far.

Season 3 is gonna probably be like 12 characters, but that’s just a guesstimate.

I guess people are panicking because we were so used to receiving a stage for every character in each season. I guess things are gonna be a lot different now. Speaking of which, was this new lighting for the stages expensive?

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Rukari, if you’re wondering why everyones so taken aback by only getting three stages it’s probably because in the write up you phrased it as “three all new stages” when we sit here like… “Yeah, and last season we got 9…”

It just alludes to more hype than their actually is. If I can make a reference it’s like when Sony announced excitedly that the PS3 would be $599.

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3 stages is fine. Hey maybe we can choose our own music for the stages. I totally called it before :slightly_smiling:

But @rukizzel said “Uh that would mean more than 3 stages.” I think S3 will get more stages than three…

Remember Eyedol and Gargos are final boss? You can unlockable them become playable. That’s why I believe Gargos will be playable.

This was my other assumption as well. I know some in the forums were asking the ability to change music in different stages, but I feel like there could be some clashing between stage visual and music. Oh well. I’m still excited for S3.

At first the pics didnt look right…but now that I figured out the slider…Oh man!!! what a difference!!! it looks amazeballs!!!

He said, and I quote, “uh that would mean more than 3 stages. That’s not the case.”

“That’s not the case” means there aren’t more than 3 stages.

Sorry, friend.

this is absolutely awful