Killer Instinct Season 3 Details

We have a release date! Killer Instinct Season 3 will launch on March 29th, 2016.

Check out the details from the Spring Showcase here:


I was one day off!!!


MARCH 29TH! Damn that is alot longer than I thought it would be. Well at least we FINALLY know now lol

So the leaked date wasn’t even true, lol.


Edit: Worth the wait… A lot!

Thank you @rukizzel

Tusk’s face looks…off? Idk.


Thanks for the Info!

Anyone else having trouble loading the link or accessing the Ultra-Combo main page? It seems to be loading extremely slow for me on multiple devices.


Yeah man I have the same problem.
Just get “Database error”. It will work soon hopefully.

I’m really happy But I can’t celebrate. Too tired for that but Here is a pic showing my excitement

Having the same issue as you guys

Web team is looking, but long story short - you are all rockin the site tough! Should be alleviated soon.

Thanks for the info!!

I’m curious to see the new shadow effects in action. The old one will be missed for sure, so hopefully they all look really cool! We really got an overhaul in graphics on all fronts huh?

Tusk Face!!! Maaaaaaan he’s huge!! I honestly was thinking a bit smaller lol but he looks awesome!! Man I can’t wait to see him beating some people up!! Love the focus on his sword during the intro!

Arbiter’s ultra is freakin awesome!! Seriously, I like it a lot! Freakin thanks for showing us his stage ultra too! That’s about what I expected lol I love it. Can’t wait to see his gameplay later. The elements in his hud are pretty neat! Really gives off that Halo feel.

Awesome Info guys! Thanks for sharing this as soon as it was allowed/possibly!! Seriously, within the minute, way to go @rukizzel :hand: You’re the bomb.

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Man this wait is gonna be rough but we can see the finish line now

We’ll do our best to keep you entertained for the next 4 weeks.


Thanks for the update

Darn. I went for Mar 22 because I figured you guys might want to overachieve on not releasing in the very last week of the month…

I WAS A FOOL! :tired_face:

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Cool news… but sad it’s so far away!

I don’t like to spoil the party as such, but just to say none of the videos are able to be loaded with a screen reader, so I and other VI/blind viewers miss out on all the action. Would be happy to upload them to my channel though and tweet the links out if that’s doable (PM me to discuss)

Gotta see more of the shadow effects tweak…as of now jury is still out but to me it doesn’t look better than before.