Killer Instinct Season 2 50% Off - Deals with Gold

This week you can grab the Killer Instinct Season 2 Combo Breaker and Ultra Editions for 50% off

Check out the full details here: Killer Instinct Season 2 50% Off - Deals with Gold - Killer Instinct


KILLER COMBO :slightly_smiling:

Really smart. This is the kind of marketing and aggressive pushing of the game people on the forums should be glad to see.

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Yes! Good to make the game as available as possible. Just need to promote it a bit more in the marketplace/interwebz. I know a lot of people who weren’t interested in KI just because they didn’t know about it.

This would have been fantastic like… 24 hours ago or so when I bought the combo breaker edition for full price :confused: oh well though this is definitely a great move for the game and hopefully will make more of those who checked out KI due to the free season 1 stick around!

If i hear anyone on here complain that they dont have the full game or that they cant afford it…Im calling BS!

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Darn, this pretty much means Season 2 won’t be February’s games with gold. (Unless they put it on sale now to squeeze out some last bit of money before having it be free… hmmmmm)

I was complaining about the fact of not getting characters for free apart from paying. After the 2 maneuvres of this month, I admit there won’t be any support on further complains.

People having a PC have been informed, so if they don’t gather this opportunity now, any complain in March would be considered utterly stupid and nonsense. If you’re lazy, your fault.

I took the opportunity and not only went gold for KI season 1 ultra, but also bought shadow jago. Yes, you heard it right: bought, not being gifted. I was doubtful of buying straight forward the season 2 on day 1 of KI, but with this discount, my decision has changed in buying it immediately. Hence, I might think to even buy Season 3 when it comes out thanks for the spared cash.

EDIT: Eh, immediately…when the xbox store page works back. It gives me errors.

Hey @rukizzel , on the Xbox KI home page…in the community tab/ post for S2 50% off…it actually Reads "S1 is free with games with gold and S1 is also now 50% off!

It should read S2 is 50% off.

Reading some of the comments ppl are confused and saying why should i pay for it if its free? lol

Figured someone might want to fix that?

Thanks for that heads up!

I feel a bit silly but, hopefully somebody can assuage my fears:

I don’t have an xbox one.

I got a gold membership and downloaded the Season 1 thing that is free with games with gold.

I purchased the Season 2 Combo-breaker addon today.

Even if I have never owned an xbox one, once the PC port launches, all these purchases WILL function there, right?


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that is correct!


Season 2 will be there, but we’re still unsure whether season one will carry over since games with gold doesn’t let you keep the games if your Xbox live expires.

I’ve been told in another topic Season 1 will carry over without problems on Windows 10 because Killer Instinct on PC doesn’t need a subscription to be played, hence will be transferred smoothly.

Unless the plan is to put a subscription to play KI on PC too, but I highly doubt they do something like this.

BTW…I’ll discover this in the following 3 days, when my Xbox Gold subscription expires.

No, that’s not true. You keep your games with gold regardless of your gold subscription status. You’re thinking of PS plus, which does require you to maintain the subscription.

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Thank you all for the responses!

I’m unreasonably excited about March now; Ive been reading the forums, reading guides, watching youtube videos and tournaments, and playing KI2, but I dont know if I can hold out much longer…

Look forward to joining y’all soon!


You should down load every game with Game with Gold…ALL 4 of them! Both 360 games and both Xbox One games…every month. Even free demos. You dont have to “Install them on to your console”. Just “confirm free purchase on every game” therefor it will always be your game…forever. Once you feel like you have the hard drive space or the time to play that free game from 6 months ago…then install it on your hard drive.
But the cool thing is, you can down load it, own it, and not even install it until your ready!

You can keep 360 games, Microsoft changed the policy for Xbox one games.

Actually x1 gwg games follow the same model as ps+, you need to stay on gold to keep access to the games.

That means that when my Gold account expires I’ll lose all my Season 1 characters?