Killer Instinct Season 2 50% Off - Deals with Gold

NO…you keep your games period. Its down loaded to your hard drive. You wouldnt be able to play online or down load new content. But once its on your console its yours.

I dont know why anyone would tell you any different. Its no different than if you paid for a digital game and down loaded it to your console. You are in fact “paying for the game” it even brings up the payment process tab when you select it. it reads “confirm for $0.00”.

You keep the game even when your deal expires

But considering you can play online without a subscription fee on Windows 10, it might be possible you can play without worries with your earned Ultra pack, even without refreshing your gold subscription.

However, you can’t in Xbox One.

This is the main reason I went yolo, used my free month - trial of gold, got my S1 Ultra pack and bought Shadow Jago + Discounted Season 2 pack.

Without knowing this, I doubt I would have spent a dime before playing the game in March.

“Games with Gold offer for paid Gold members only; active Gold membership required to play downloaded Xbox One games.”

Scroll to the bottom. Read the fine print.

So that means we need to pay a subscription in order to play KI even on Windows 10?

Or simply just for the ultra season 1 pack gold members got offered for this month?

BTW, I read that print at the time. But I could download the game even with the trial version.

I’m not sure how to simplify it any further than this:

If you are a paid Gold member (or using a gold trial) you can download and play Season 1 for free. If you lose your paid Gold status, you will not be able to play with the Season 1 characters until you’re back in Gold status.

If paying for a Gold subscription doesn’t work for you, drop the $20 to own the Combo Breaker edition of Season One - it really doesn’t cost much and the game deserves to be supported.

Games with Gold is specifically a feature to give you free access to games WHILE you are a Gold member. It doesn’t have anything to do with online play, though on an Xbox console you can’t play online without being a Gold member. I don’t think we’ve had a reveal yet of the full list of features or aspects of the PC version, and until we do, there’s no telling whether you will need a Gold subscription to play the PC version of KI online.

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Also because it was cleared somewhere PC gamers won’t have to pay to play KI online for sure, from what I recalled. Also because it happened once and it didn’t go well.

Well, in fact dropping 20 euros for S1 combo breaker won’t be a problem because my plan was to spend around 40 euros in total. A pity that I have to skip season 3, but considering I never played KI gold for N64, it isn’t a loss. I still need to see the new characters.

I feel like the two of us have had this exact conversation before.

If you’re going to get Season 1 and Season 2, you might as well get Season 3 too. More characters, more stages, more features - support the game if you’re going to play it.

Season 2 is on sale this week for 50% off if you’re a Gold member - if money is an issue, buy it now when it’s on sale. Assuming you don’t get it on sale, you’ll pay $20 for Season 1, $20 for Season 2, and I would guess another $20 for Season 3 if you get the combo breaker editions. $60 for all three seasons is a good price, and worth the money. People spend that amount every year buying the newest copy of Madden, the fact that someone would balk over spending that much for three years of content boggles my mind.

Without fan/player support, Seasons 2/3 wouldn’t even have happened.

Yep, it was you. Moreover I said my plans officially too. But, as I told you, considering I never played KI gold hence not knowing anything about Kim Wu, Tusk and Gargos, I don’t feel like to buy Season 3 right now.

Instead, S1 and S2 are appealing and my original plan was to bring S1.

PS: I already bought Season 2, don’t worry. Shadow Jago too. So I spent 20 euros so far.

Didn’t play it either, still excited for them and the new characters. Different perspectives I guess.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m excited as well. But I prefer to spend cash on something I like than in something unknown.

What I find difficult to understand is that you don’t see it as spending money on more content for the game that you like. Instead you seem to look at it as “do I want to buy Tusk and Kim Wu?”

The only experience I had with KI before this version was the occasional game in an arcade, and I had no idea what I was doing. I couldn’t even tell you whether I had played KI1, 2, or both. But after playing Season 1 I knew I like THE GAME, not just specific characters, and liking the game is what motivates me to buy each season and support the game as best I can.

Like @DoobyDude23 said, it might be different perspectives that we’ll never see eye to eye on, but I’ve been struggling to understand your point of view!

I agree, I dont understand either…it would be like saying I like streetfighter 2, but I wont buy streetfighter 2 turbo or super because I dont know the new characters…
Streetfighter 3? No buy, bc doesnt have the fighters I know…

Bit of a rough comparison perhaps…but best I could think of…

Seems to me you would buy more of a good game if you like the game (style/gameplay/etc).esp. In a fighting game, new characters are the lifeblood. Street fighter 4 with just the characters of street fighter 2 is mostly just a cosmetic/engine upgrade.

Let me help you to understand my point of view in another term, then. I have 40 euros that I can spend for a game, not more, until further news due to private reasons.

So, considering I’ve spent already 20 euros for shadow jago + season 2 combo breaker pack, I have 20 euros left and so here’s the question: what do you buy? Season 1 or Season 3? Do you buy a season where you have 2 of the 3 favourite characters I liked in Killer Instinct aka Glacius and Fulgore (the third is Cinder) or are you buying a season with characters you don’t know? The answer is pretty logic.

In fact, without knowing the economical factor, this point of view has flaws. But when money gets in the game, it changes a lot. That’s why I was hoping for the free S1 Ultra so I could afford, without even thinking twice, of buying Season 3 at day 1. Now I have to wait.

Thank you for the explanation, because this makes it a lot easier to understand where you’re coming from. Without the budget, it appeared as though you were simply saying “forget Season 3, I’m just not going to get it because I don’t know enough about the characters it will have.” So what you’re doing is deciding to spend the remaining portion of your budget picking up Season 1 FIRST because it has characters you already know you like, with Season 3 being something you’re planning to buy later on? This makes a lot more sense to me than what I was misunderstanding as a refusal to buy Season 3.

As a homeowner, I completely understand the “I have exactly this much money to spend” situation.

Agreed, makes sense now, thanks for explaining.

I have successfully turn 2 MK X players into Killer Instinct players int eh last 3 days. Both were opponents on MK X online exhibition matches. Both did not know KI was free with Games with Gold and that S2 was 50% off. I convinced them to go DL it immediately and that its was way more hype than MKX. I also directed them to Infills guide (they were both blown away) and the KIT Ki top 8 tournament video.
Both are ready to practice over the weekend and learn from me and discussed joining the forum.



Congrats! you have expanded their love forfighting games :smiley:

I’ll help you with this decision. Season 2 is not planned to be in Games with Gold

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Love it. It’s community outreach like this that has make KI grow bigger and bigger. Thanks so much from the dev team.


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Thanks @BlitzedKraig! I try to send a message to every KI opponent that I have a good set with by telling them Good game, and I send them a link to the Forum, Infills guide, and the link to Forum battles every Saturday at 1pm!

If i have a set with MK and we end up talking, I ask them about KI and send them the links to the Gold deals and to the forums as well. One guy looked up Infills guide while we were playing and was blown away by the characters and their Bios! He Down loaded the game that night off games with gold!

Thanks for the best game int he world…EVER! keep up the good work! Cant wait for 3-29!!!