Killer Instinct Pro League's 1st tournament on 4/17/16

Get all the info on this free to enter online tournament here:

Discuss below

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The website link to sign up isn’t working. :’(

To enter or not to enter. I need help deciding.

I am signing up. This will be my first tournament ever!
I will be using Omen, Aganos, and Kan Ra
wish me luck

Think I might sign up for this. Should be fun :slight_smile:

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It’s not letting me sign in. I can’t recall my password, so they sent me an email to reset it (which is incredibly slow for an automated email, BTW). When I go to reset it, it tells me that it’ll send me a link that never actually comes. All I get is another reset password email link - it will then tell me that the link is invalid or send me in circles. How am I going to sign up for this bloody thing if the system is preventing me from properly signing in!?

EDIT: NM, I got it. Apparently it’s so slow sending the emails that I’m actually clicking the links for the previous attempt… SIGH

Now, I just have to wait AGAIN for another link, this time to actually activate my account. I hate these things - signing up for the tournament itself better not be as ridiculous as this tripe.

Over 45 minutes later and I still have no link in my email in order to activate my account (and yes, I’ve checked the trash and junk folders).

So, I ask again: how can I sign up for the tournament if the site itself won’t let me?

My email was in my junk folder.

If that is not the case for you, then maybe you accidentally blocked their email.

I’ve checked every single folder, and I’m not in the habit of blocking emails, so… Can they send another activation whatchamacallit? I’d hate to an account that’s stuck in limbo (and that also prevents me from creating another in its place).

Who do I talk to over at 8-Bit Beatdown to resolve this issue?

On our registration page we have the twitter account for One Six Studios listed if you are having any troubles with signing up.

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I cant access the brackets by the link in the article.

And when i go to Challonge from the 8BBD site, i dont see todays bracket posted.

Someone has informed me that the brackets are up, but i cant find them.

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The bracket is up, and my first match is with BH Swordsman09… well, at least my death will be swift.

We actually got into a good bracket. If you beat Swordsman, you dont have any other Pros to go through.

If you loose, then Swordsman will be my first pro match. Thats OK because i have him read like a book. Should be easy. Not worried.

(jk, plz dont kill me.)

I’ve got to deal with Pink Diamon, a C88, and the founder of 8BitBeatdown himself in my bracket. Yay…


I am not in. I do not think I am ready for a tournament yet and I can’t go to world cup anyway.

What? Tusk Odinson is in there. He organized World Cup I hope you know.

Never heard of him. My bad.

Yep; and that’s who Flutter has to fight. :wink:

no problem.

1 hit KO