Killer Instinct Post Season 2 Community Feedback Survey

We’d Love to hear your feedback about Season 1 & 2 for Killer Instinct on the survey on the link below:


Filled it in. The Tags on the right side of the screen kinda overlap all over the survey.

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Yeah, depending on your browser/screen google docs usually take up a bit of space.

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Yeah, direct link to survey? Tags are pissing me off.

If you look at the page source, you can find a link to it (click here).

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Thank you, kind sir.

Did my part - I had an unusual amount to say regarding characters I don’t even play… To the Jago, Sadira, ARIA, and Omen players - please don’t hurt me if nerf-like changes are made based upon my feedback. :confounded:

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Wait, what?!? What’s wrong with Jago?!? :open_mouth:

No comment… :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Tossed in my $0.26.

Any way to get this bad boy stickied?

Nothing. Jago is beautiful, like the Maratus Speciosus dancing for reproductive purposes.


I trust IGS knows how to tell what information is consistent and what is just scrubs complaining and noobs putting their skill level at 10 (which I did, but that was a rough estimate and I wasn’t sure what to choose giving the circumstances, hopefully my gamertag will clue them in that I’m telling the truth).

Why am I particularly worried about this? My top 3 characters are Glacius, Cinder and Omen. Glacius in particular is one of the most hated characters by low level players, the match seems impossible if you don’t know how to play it. If scrubs are stating that Glacius is too good on the survey (this is also worrisome for Sadira, Wulf, Spinal, Kan-Ra and even Aganos) and he gets nerfed because of that… :rage:.

One more point: I think it’s really cool that they’re doing this survey, but maybe it would’ve been nice to have a writing section just to express personal thoughts for how the game should change as a whole.

What? Omen isn’t even fully utilized and fleshed out yet. I don’t see them nerfing a character unless he’s too good when he gets to THAT stage.


I hate it when players refer to newer players as scrubs - it’s demeaning and it’s that kind of mentality that causes people to NOT want to join the fighting game community (or leave quickly, if they do). They are inexperienced, sure, and may even make suggestions that are a bit off-base due to their ignorance of how the game works with this survey, but like you said, the devs should know what they’re doing, so why worry? The game is in good hands, so chillax! :relaxed:

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When I’m using the words “noob” and “scrub” I’m not talking about newer players. I’m talking about newer or inexperienced players that refuse to learn from their mistakes and get better, and instead resort to doing the same tactic over and over, and when it doesn’t work they complain. I’m perfectly ok with a player who is inexperienced but whose goal is to have fun and improve.

You’re not referring to new players when you use the phrase, noob? Really!? Okay… I doubt just about anyone else will see it that way, but I digress…

As for a player who refuses to learn the game and who does the same thing over and over? Well, they’re what I would definitely call an inexperienced player. And you know what? They probably use the same tactic over and over again because they think they found what works for them in most cases (and are probably ignorant enough to not realize that there’s a counter for just about anything - which, BTW, is also a sign of a new player). It’s your job to counter that as their opponent so they can learn from it. If they’re unwilling to learn, and complain and moan, well then, that’s on them - if they do that, give them the answer or solution. You’d be surprised at how many would be willing to listen (I know, I’ve done it numerous times). There is no need to demean them in the process (and there should NEVER be). Let them make the decision to drop out on their own if they can’t or aren’t willing to take the time to figure it out - there’s no need to demean them and hasten that process while simultaneously giving our community a bad image. A positive attitude goes a long way (the glass should ALWAYS be seen as half full IMO) and as I always like to say, “kill them with kindness.” :wink:

Rather than kill them with kindness, I would much rather kill them with meaty DP over and over and over again. It’s a lot more fun.


This sounds a lot better to me :smile: through for me it’s sweeping.


For the record, I hate how some sweeps can’t be countered at all - why is that even a thing?

It’s because there used to be safe counter breakers off sweeps, so they removed the ability to break them (and also counter break them).

It’s a good change until they can figure out how to get rid of the safe counter breakers some other way.