Killer Instinct PC Sign In Problems

My account is the admin on my PC and is signed into Xbox.
(Keep in mind I play KI on a keyboard)

  1. I boot up the game.
  2. I press MENU/SPACE

3 Menu pops up:

“Sign In State Changed!”
“A sign-in change has been made.”
“Returning to title screen.”

  1. I press Enter (OK)

  2. Blank grey menu for 1/2 a second then disappears.

  3. Menu pops up:

“Not Signed In!”
“You are not signed in to a gamer profile. You will not be able to save/load game progress.”

  1. Options of: Enter (Sing In) or Esc (Continue without saving)

  2. I press Enter (Sign In)

  3. Rinse & Repeat steps 5 - 7

  4. I hit Esc (Continue without saving) and everything is default. Can’t play the full game I purchased.

I am stuck on this menu and cannot play the full game I purchased. I have uninstalled and reinstalled KI. I have signed out of Xbox and played the game, no fix. I have signed out of Xbox then signed back in and played the game, no fix.

This is pretty ridiculous that I have to come to forums for this.

It has been like this for roughly 2 days now and I would like to play my favorite game again.



Has anyone found a fix for this because I just ran into the same problem on my PC

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I have the same issue as well. Talking to xbox support and will see if they can help, although I’m not sure if they will

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Didn’t help at all. I’m going to give it a day and see if the issue is resolved. It has to be something on their end since we’re having the same issue.

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same issue here

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Hopefully it is just a Microsoft thing, that will be resolved soon.

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Same problem here
I was having the ‘Taredo Tunnel’ issue and now this.
I want to play to figure out if now i Can play online :S

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FYi - folks are looking in to it.


Same problem here.

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im having the same issue too.

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similar problem, endless “a sign-in change has been made” loop preventing me from playing :frowning:

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hey guys i’m having the same thing on my pc an my xbox one sign right in but my pc not wats going on hope Microsoft or iron galaxy fix it

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Hey! i have same issue since last night. (Never happened before.) Checked all things on my end.
Also been in contact with MS all morning. Seems this is a part on dev?.

Any update or solution to the issue?. I hope i can get one and if i do i post it here.

MS had no solution but promised to get in contact with devs.
(Been thru all their checklist of trouble shooting and still no luck.)

Hope that this issue gets solved and stays solved.
Sorry i could not be of much help…but the issue is atleast not user made it seems.

XzaviDaaz (AKA PsyrahX)

PS: Seem like a sync/server issue!?. (I might ofc be wrong.)
Xbox One Platform also affected by this?. (I myself play this on PC and cant speak for X1.)

DS: Seems that many have the problem…then its not on the “user” that made a mess.
Maybe we can all stop pulling our hair and stop trouble shoot store,game,ethernet drivers etc.
(If that has been done i feel ya…been going on over here since last night.

Lets just wait and see then. And all you guys have a wonderful weekend. :+1:

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Same here.

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same here…

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I’ve also been hit by this.

Yeah, I haven’t been playing KI for awhile on PC, but I hopped on today and the “not signed in” loop hit me as well.

Just downloaded killer instinct last night and decided to try and play this morning but got the same infinite loop with sign in messages and back to the title screen. I sure hope they can fix this soon.

Same issue here. Since when you guys are having this problem to get into KI?

It started last night.