Killer Instinct PC Sign In Problems

Its happening to everyone on Win10. I could be wrong but I think XBOX is fine…

@Krathius it started for me yesterday

Same here started last night

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e todos no mesmo horario pelo que parece,nenhuma soluçao ainda ne…?

Same problem… welcome to the online only future :cry:

This sees to have started pretty recently. I hope everything gets sorted out pretty quickly, as I’ve been hit with this problem, too.

It started yesterday. Im not sure you can really call that “recently”

After messing w/windows and joy2key to get my hitbox working, now this. I’d like to spend my time playing KI, not trouble shooting it.

Same issue, I guess I’ll go play injustice 2. This really is ridiculous. Where’s the QA? The game has been running fine on PC for a long time.

Same issue! This must have started after this week’s rotation…

Evening check in: The team is making headway on the Windows 10 issue, but still no clear ETA. Stay tuned for the next update.

Of course, sincerest apologies for any and all inconveniences. Just want to keep you updated as much as I can.


Whats the point of a weekend…if we dont have KI?

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@rukizzel Cool thank you for the update

To everyone having this issue, open your xbox app, on the left go to the gears (settings) then click on top network and correct that via the instructions, especially multiplayer. You can’t even start the game if multiplayer isn’t connected properly. Once it’s working, you’ll be able to play normally.

@ArgenisM So I just took a look at my network status for Xbox multiplayer and I have my NAT type: Strict, and my Server Connectivity: Blocked. So I’m guessing this was the problem now I just have to try and figure out how to fix it


@C7B3RW4RR10R Did you have to do anything?

So when you go to the xbox app, there should be a clickable link on how to solved the blocked status after it’s done checking for the status.

If you’re in the actual xbox one

If the nat is the only problem:

It’s working now

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ok im having a different issue now
Killer Instinct Main Screen
I Press Start
and goes to synch with ultratech Servers (lol)
after a few seconds the games tell that is taking more time than calculated and I Press Enter to wait a few seconds and again, and again…
Finally I choose to skip that Synch and let me play from that point, Full definitive edition.

Now im gonna try if skipping that synch turns into not saving player/Char level progress and I let you know…

EDIT: It’s actually saving progress, so by now, Issue solve and I can Play again (versus CPU, online never finds a oponnent :frowning:

The only thing is; You need to Skip ALWAYS the Ultratech Sync otherwise the game won’t let you pass…

EDIT 2: (After 2 hours playing) Looks like I lost those KI Coins i got before just playing :confused:

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