Killer instinct on the go!

Wouldn’t it be awesome to have K.I on the go? As in. Killer Instinct on NINTENDO switch? (if you’re a closed minded person please don’t comment)


Sure, it would be cool to have KI on several other consoles. But Microsoft won’t ever allow it.

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Ever? :frowning:

there is a difference between closed mind and common sense.

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Hate to tell you this, but if you post on a public forum, be ready to receive any criticism to your posts or topics. Everyone has the right to bring to you their criticisms of your ideas. So…no.

Also, mobile versions of fighting games more often than not mean splitting a development team into working on the regular console version and then on the mobile version, since mobile versions, regardless of how graphically similar they can look to their console counterparts, while more often than not need special revisions to controls and gameplay to accommodate to a more simplistic mobile aspect.

Splitting a small team into even smaller parts risks the version we have now not getting newer features in a timely manner, sacrificing new content we really want, and could cost more to make than what it would possibly bring in.

The switch doesn’t look like most of the buttons used for KI (a traditional 6 button fighter) will be comfortably placed in a way that would make KI very playable on a switch console or control. Individual joycon controllers look like they would also be really small and difficult to input certain button motions correctly like DP style zigzag motions.

There’s also the point where MS owns Killer Instinct and Nintendo is a direct competitor of theirs, in which they would never allow KI to be ported on a competing console. It just won’t and shouldn’t happen.

I can understand that Nintendo once gave the KI brand a home and a start, but it decided long ago to also abandon that ship and let MS buy up rare and it’s properties. So they gave up KI long ago, and didn’t really fight for it. Couple that with Nintendo’s HORRIBLE record for third party support, and I honestly just don’t think KI will do much better on a console such as the switch.

Some things just aren’t meant to be.

I heard Microsoft was actually working on a mobile KI for Windows phones, but it got cancelled. However, I think they should make a low end mode, mainly for tablets IMO… Now with the possiblity of it coming to the Switch, that’ll be pretty cool, but it’s just as likely to hit PS4… Which I wouldn’t mind either!

Mobile KI? YES, Switch? NO…

Microsoft should work on a Mobile product and then have KI as launch title

I don’t like the idea of mobile fighting games but if a KI spinoff were to go the RPG route on Apple iOS and Android then I would be interested.

I would love KI to be on the switch. It would probably be noticeably different than what we have now but I would be willing to buy it.

I hope killer instinct ends up on the switch.

I WANT to love mobile fighting games. But mobile platforms usually have terrible button layouts for fighting games.

KI is not going to appear on the Switch. We are more likely to see Zelda inn xbox one.

I suppose Microsoft did allow Viva Pinata on the DS, and I was genuinely shocked at that. The franchises are vaguely related. It wouldn’t be impossible, but quite unlikely fersure.
This brings me to a another important topic, is Hudson Horstachio gonna be a guest character or what

Sounds quite neat and cool to me :slight_smile:

I think it’d awesome if once a generation, Sony, Nintendo and MS came together and agreed to port one of their exclusives to the other two company’s systems.

Now obviously this would need to happen a few years in and once the game’s had been out for a while, but say MS and Sony got Zelda: Breath of the Wild, Nintendo and Sony got Halo 5 and MS and Nintendo got Horizon: Zero Dawn?

These games would get a second chance at some more sales for the publisher, and each console gets to do some free advertising on their opponent’s system.

Or perhaps maybe they’re not interested in offering up their biggest. So maybe Sony offers up Infamous: Second Son, Nintendo offers up Fire Emblem and MS offers up Killer Instinct.

That’d be cool, but obviously nothing like this would ever happen in a million years. Still, if dreams came true… :slight_smile:

I mean, laptops are pretty mobile right? I’m sure there are plenty of laptops or even Surface tablets out there that could run KI on the go.
And the best part is, you could go out and get them right now of you have the coin. If all you’re looking for is an easy way to play KI on the go, there’s already a method of getting that regularly available.

At Most: A couple of Rare N64/SNES roms for virtual console and maybe character in smash. (99% likely would be steve)

Hmm… it doesn’t really seem like such a farfetched idea. There could be every possibility that K.I could be ‘on the go’, but not necessarily on the Switch. I read an article on IGN this week and its about Mr Spencer of Microsoft giving his thoughts on the Switch. He says and I quote ‘Switch is…innovative’. And he will be ‘…watching and learning.’ That being said it might be possible that Microsoft will come up with their answer to the Switch and it will be possible to play KI on the go. Personally I think this will change everything for KI and Xbox and the result will be epic. Fingers crossed everyone.