Killer Instinct officially announced for EVO 2016!

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I’m so excited!

This sucks. Now I have to go to Evo again.


Your wallet is screaming?



And go to EVO! Woot!


Not that I didn’t expect this, but it’s great to hear - especially as this is BEFORE we’ve even had a Season 3 reveal.

Hype meter’s gonna break this weekend, folks.

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I had zero doubt. Guess this means there’s some big expectations for the Season 3/PC Port.
Either way. Hype time.
After KI World Cup of course. Hype that first, EVO later.

Also, question to anyone who knows. Is EVO in Vegas every year? If so, with some planning, I might be able to scrape together funds to go meet some people and then drown in the pools. :smiley:


Looks like KI will be Saturday or Sunday. Won’t get the official stadium.

While I know a lot of people will be upset about it having people buy seats for individual games would be bad for KI seeing as how the KI community is pretty infant. Unless the KI worldcup is super jam packed I don’t think KI could have filled seats at EVO. Not only that but KI tourney turn outs are pretty abysmal including the world cup.

Guys we need to show more support in order to make it to the prime time. Also IG and MS need to work on making the game more hype/exciting for viewers. Kan Ra def slows the game at times, and that Rico laser beam run away was deflating the hype at times last year. We need more signature KI moments.

Yes we did it ! Another evo guys but this may be our last year so let’s cap boys :slightly_smiling:

So it’s a combination of the player and game’s fault? I disagree heavily on your point here. You’re forgetting that regardless of how fast or slow things get, it happens in every fighting game. A Dhalsim facing a Gief is going to be a slow match because it’s a zoner vs. a grappler.

You can’t persuade others to change their fighting style to something you’re implying an unfitting or unhype, it runs across all fighting games whether a person chooses to play lame or wants to go in. If Rico decides to go in on Gutter, up 2-0, with Gutter already down his first life bar, what do you think is the best option here? Honest question, would you rather go in recklessly, knowing full well that Thunder has literally no answer without taking a risk himself and you’re basically giving him a free way in or zone the heck out of him, and frustrate the opponent?

Microsoft and IG have done a great job of creation of newer characters, leave that to them and let the rest fall where it may. It’s on the community to help persuade and promote others to go to offline events to support the game. We’ve shown that we can get upwards of 100s of players involved to tournaments, no reason why you can’t go and practice with your local team. Find a place, get a weekly running, and stay committed. If we want to get to a coveted Sunday main stage spot like we know we want, the first step is showing up offline.

This is why Combo Assist was created. To help others break the barrier to get into KI and help show them how awesome the game is. We need to welcome newcomers with open arms and things are moving in the right direction to see that come to fruition with the expansion of S3 and PC port.


Yes, it’s always in Las Vegas, I’d highly recommend you invest in going! Twitch threw a killer after party last year and the Salty Suite was so awesome!


I agree with everything you said. Players will never change play styles if it gets them results. CDJR didn’t leave Sadira during the first EVO because she was top tier and a bit broken. Same with Kan Ra, why leave him and his style when his playstyle is annoying and difficult to beat. Rico did what he needed to win, I never said a player should avoid any option to win but I did say it was hype deflating. It wasn’t fun to watch Rico just Zone because he had lasers and the Devestation beam ready. Remember, my entire argument is about what’s fair it’s what will get more views so KI gets more viewership and respect so we can get those big spots like the Sunday spot at Evo.

Also, yes it is up to the community to promote the game. I can’t go to tournaments myself because am a full time student and am not even that good at the game but I do my part. I am literally the few and only people who shares any KI news or tourneys on the Xbox sub reddit which holds over thousands of viewers a day. But what is everyone else doing? The KI community is infant and it won’t suddenly become insanely large unless the game and or the community does something radical like the World Cup. It needs something to set itself apart. Guilty Gear for some reason is getting more attention than KI, personally I think there artstyle is really setting them apart from most games which is why they attract a lot of players.

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I hear you, but if we’re so focused on the end result, we miss the ride. :slightly_smiling: I think we’ll hold our own this weekend, Brandon has certainly put the pieces in the right place for everything to go right and has consulted some real good major planners to get the ball rolling.

Right now, we control what we can control and I hear you. Side note: viewers wise, we did better than MKX top 16 which was after us.

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Guilty Gear is a game with an established legacy and like 15 iterations since 1998. KI2 came out in 1996, and the franchise remained dormant until 2013. Much as I love KI, Guilty Gear is and has been a bigger franchise for years.

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Suuuuper stoked that KI is an EVO game again. Even if you aren’t a tournament player, it’s impossible to deny the positive benefits that EVO has on the games in its lineup. Hope the dev team kills it during S3 and makes the best version of the game yet!


I’m sorry, I don’t think I’ve expressed my hype yet.

Allow me start with this:

Following by…

I end with the hype dog.


Alright! Yes! Woohoo! Hurray! Sweet! Cool! Awesome! Supreme Victory! Ultra Victory! Perfect! Overall that’s MORE excellent news for Killer Instinct! :grin: :smile: :grinning: :smiley:


I’m assuming that Season 3 will be complete by the end of this year so my prediction will be the new character reveal at that moment. I’m adamant this will be the last Season and hopefully we’ll get a sequel before the end of the decade.

Friggen YES. I had my doubts – so much of KI’s promise is currently predicated on future events paying off, so Wizard is kinda banking on it all working out – so it’s great to see KI edge its way in at this stage.

I’m okay with KI not making it into the Sunday event, since I thought that’d be a stretch anyway. Overall I’m glad Joey was just trolling with the 7 games thing and actually is going big in a few ways, since much of my dismay and doubt about the event was coming from a sense that this one dude seemed averse to embracing the growth of the scene, and instead was going to make a road block of himself and stunt all that growth until other events took over.

Also glad to see SFIV get dropped, basically for Keitsian reasons: games with active dev support and dev/community engagement should be favoured. For similar reasons I’d’ve liked to’ve seen Mahvel get the boot and something like Skullgirls get a shot (wasn’t MikeZ’s intent with SG to make a cleaned-up Mahvel anyway?), but I get that Mahvel has a passionate scene that’s not dead yet, and Wizard likes the game and whatnot.

The hell? Some of the hypest moments of Evo last year involved Kan-Ra and Fulgore runaway. It showed strategic depth, there were factors that those moments hinged on like the hype beam threat that viewers could understand and see the effects of and be on-edge about.

And besides, even in a game as rush-heavy as KI, it would be a failure if every moment was rushdown. For my money, KI has some of the most interesting, nuanced and hectic zoning of any game being played these days, and we saw a lot of that at Evo, for which I’m grateful.


good job KI hopefully if the pc port gathers offline attendance it will grab a sunday spot and knock off marvel

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