Killer Instinct No Limits Tournament Conclusion

As to anyone wondering why I didn’t do an extra match after the “finals” my only reason is that ive run every other tourney that way, and haven’t had a problem with it before, im sorry if you expected something else out of the finals but that is how it is. And that’s how the bracket was setup from the beginning if you wanted me to change it, questions should’ve been asked earlier. And it is a local tournament and rules can be changed. So to summarize, It was a great tournament there were a lot of great players, and I had a lot of fun hosting them. Thank you to everyone who participated, Prizes will be handed out around the first week of January. GG GUYS!!! See you in another one hopefully!!!



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Also to clear up.
2nd- SonicDolphin117
3rd- Galactic Geek
4th- HemanTan
5th- Its GamingGhost

I hope you understand the reason why people do bracket resets and have a good reason why you shouldn’t have it.

The reason is because you’re allowing an advantage to the winners side player that he earned by not losing a single set. By removing the bracket resets, you’ve effectively given no extra privilege to the winners side player over the player that lost a set.

I’m not salty, I’ll take the $10 and run, and @ZTRAINOVER9000 I feel did enough to earn his win. But I’m afraid if the tournament is going to be managed like this again, I’m not going to participate.

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You say your not, but you sound salty.

Because I know if the stakes were higher, this could be an issue.

It’s up to him how he runs his tournament, but I hope it’s expected that some would find it unfair.

I would not enter a tournament if I knew it had no bracket reset for grand finals.

i may change it for next time, im merely saying that i havent ran anything like that before, im still testing everything. Its a work in progress

@SonicDolphin117 @DEClimax i have changed it for a bracket reset at the end of the grand finals for the next tournament.

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Thanks. I probably still won’t enter though just cause it seemed like everyone was mad at me.:sunglasses:

Who the one guy who seemed mad and salty the entire time?

its gamingGhost

Yeah that guy

what about him

Nothing he was just quite annoying and I could feel the salt radiating off of him

Darn, I already posted my end of tourney speech in the other thread! Well, I suppose you guys can read it there or link to it here in a post, which is something I don’t know how to do only my phone, or just quote it. :wink:

Couldn’t watch it all but congratulations people!

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Thank you. :slight_smile:

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yea live messed up my stream and made audio lag. the vid sucks, but will be better next time

How? What will you do differently?

Its Gaming Ghost was teabagging and taunting me throughout our match, and in the end he got 5th place like I did. Hah!

Also, he won the 1st round and swapped characters which in most tournaments isn’t allowed.