Killer Instinct Lobby planning (19th December)

This is the topic for discussion in preparation for the planned Killer Instinct Lobby scheduled for Saturday 19th December 2015 (times are listed but could change).

The plan has changed slightly from the first version. A party with everyone who can join (on a partial first come first invite received basis) will start, with people being able to rotate in and out as they wish (if they need to sign off etc during the proceedings for example). I will be able to hang around for a good couple of hours at least, but then we’ll need to switch whose lobby it is to make sure that everyone can keep playing as long as possible.

Participants (all are listed here in case they enter the field after I step down from co-hosting duties):
since I could only mention 10 users in a post, I’ve left out the @ symbols from the list of participants. Those who don’t have me on their friends list and want to participate should add me so that I can then reciprocate and be able to invite them into the party easily.

Myself (sightlesskombat)

The lobby is expected to start at 19:00 GMT - convert as you need to for your specific time zone.

Bring headsets and microphones if you can or want to, just to enhance the community spirit. There will be trash talk, possibly mild rage, tips, strategies, and general discussion to be had but regardless of how much profanity is exchanged i reiterate that it should all be conducted in the name of enjoyment.


If anyone is planning on streaming this I’d definitely stop by and watch for a bit :smile:


I’ll definitely come if I’m available, I’m east coast. 9:20ish AM here so factor that in.

I come if I can, but I live in Europe.

hey can i get in on this i would love to test my skills on some good players

I’ll need to practice to improve myself in time for the lobby. Looking forward to it, even if I get bodied!

I think you’ll be ok. I’m practicing the Wulf as I keep getting bodied by him, so I need to play him to understand. So who knows? Wulf on Wulf mirror action may happen, and you may body me and my Day 1 Wulf Combos.

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I’d love to participate, but I’ll likely get dropped from the lobby as I so often do - that being said, that won’t keep me from hanging out in the party, if you have 1 set up. :wink:

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You need to get Galactic High Speed Internet. :wink:

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I was going to second this, but just remembered I have a final that day :sweat:
Have fun everyone!

EDIT: I’m an idiot and had the dates messed up, it was this saturday lol no worries, it went ok. I think…

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Sure! I’ll join your lobbying!

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Depending on what time of the day, I may be available. Anything after 1pm PST and I’ll have to be asleep.

Tell that to my ISP… :disappointed:

Who is your ISP? If you mind me asking…

My ISP is none other than the rather infamous AT&T… :frowning:

OH…Um…I can’t help you with that. Do you have any other ISP’s near you? Or is that the only one? I’ve been in that situation before.

They are the only 1… :’(

Some cable companies can give you surprisingly decent internet for a good price. Have you tried that?

Can’t get cable where I live. The closes 1 though is Cox Cable, and I’ve already done some research into them - they’re either as bad as my current ISP or worse… And that’s IF I could get them, which I can’t, so the point is really moot.

Keep me pencilled as a “maybe” because I don’t know how my Saturday plans will stand next week. We still have some Christmas shopping to get done, among other things.