Killer Instinct Keychains Announced!

These are some really cool looking Keychains


That art style makes me want a KI version of Pocket Fighter.


Sadira’s the best looking. Brings a tear to my eye.

Kinda late to the party on that bruh…

And I agree Sadira’s is one of the best

Still nothing for Thunder. :sob:

Not surprised with jago and fulgore looking epic.

Well saber looks good, but… Where’s rippy? :disappointed_relieved:

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Probably get dat Orchid

surelly ill get that sadira :kissing_heart:

Now thinking about buying that Fulgore keychain for me here :wink: :smile: :grin:

BTW the KI character keychains ALL look pretty neat, cool, awesome, amazing, epic, and killer :sunglasses:

86 ceo: Alright everybody, were doing season 1 KI keychains. And 'sako, cause she bae.


They look amazing!
Chibi styles are really the raging trend these days!

Funko Pop!, Marvel minis, Lego minis, it’s just awesome to see the re-interpretations of the characters

I’m definitely buying the orchid maybe a couple to stock one can’t wait to have my action figure from ultimate source as well

What? No Glay-glay or Gargie?
No dice. What a drag.

Sick as hell!

Does anyone remember the marvel heroes run game! That was so fun

@TheKeits are there any plans for a mobile game featuring such cute mini KI characters? :slight_smile:

Maybe even a separate game on xboxlive! Mini KI slash mode featuring a choice of 6 characters slashing ultratech drones through the factory

But the real question is: Do they glow in the dark?

Also, Where’s Aganos?

@UltimateToy should take notes and see that this is her correct skin tone compared to Jago.

The Courtney Cox prototype has Irish spring pale complexion

I never really thought of that but I guess this does confirm that Orchid is brownish/tan.

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