KI keychains!

So I hope that ‘off topic’ is appropriate. I just saw these on Facebook and I hope all seasons are eventually made! Who else plans one buying some?


No way I’m missing out on that Jago!

Oh my goodness. I might have to buy one.

As always, I can’t buy KI product because it will cost too much in shipping :cry:

They come out with an omen or shago and I’m buying.

They ignored Glacius.



They do make pretty much the best Glacius t-shirt imaginable though.

Still I would like to see some different characters on the keychains.

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Dude I have that shirt I know lol

Come to think of it, they have a Thunder shirt and not a Thunder keychain as well…

WOW!!! Thanks for sharing! These are awesome!

I’m now thinking about getting one of the KI character keychains myself here :smiley: :grinning:

Perfect! Supreme Victory! Ultra Victory! :sunglasses: