Killer Instinct Is Saved: Party Thread Edition

I meant that they wont be aware about the update from day 1.

Like if they get the game and say “this looks awful”, they may give up on it immediately without knowing about the update coming in the future.

Welp, so much for a party thread. :grin:

Yeah, I was about to say lol

well then, IG can accept that responsibility for failure. they gambled and lost, simple


You guys I swear smh… :joy:

You stuck around for the entirety of S2, as if you were really going to leave.

But…But where is eyedol??? * cries* :sob:

Uhm, I’m turning 30 this year. And I am responsible with my money. I’m not one to spend more on something than it’s worth. You can do with your money what you want, but I personally wouldn’t spend 40 buck, just to get some character colour.

But considering your past posts, I’m not surprised about your attempt on belittling me in this one.

Depends whether or not the devs put the notification in at day 1.

I came here for the party and cake.

Ok have fun :U see you again!


Seems people just cannot be satisfied. Well if people are so worried and shaking in their boots about it. I SUPPOSE they can leave it off for now, gives em time to improve the new lvl4 enders in time to turn em on.

As for my case when it comes toggle options. I can wait for a whole month of no dynamic battles till April

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This thread accomplishes…?

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Dreams and flame wars, apparently.


Pretty much NOTHING. Only it shows people tend to doom and gloom and some are just not satisfied enough.

Yeah, Its time to lock this post. @CStyles45 please do the honors.

It was supposed to be in the name of celebration, as both those who like and dislike the new level 4 enders got their way, as the feature can be toggled on or off.

Sadly, some people aren’t satisfied until the other side just don’t get their way at all. Instead of enjoying the victory, they will do all they can to ruin it for the others. It’s selfish and petty.


Pretty much how some folks have been behaving lately. I honestly haven’t seen this much salt and entitlement since KI was first announced.

Oh man you won’t beleive how far a forum post went about people ranting about Sabrwulf and Jago’s new looks. Last I saw, 45 PAGES in under 12 hours…I think…But it still ridiculous, lol.

On another note I could also tell you about the time I also fought an army of robots with a frying pan on TF2 that week…sorry I went off topic…

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Before this thread closes if that happens.



Nice setup bro

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Thanks. I am hoping to add the rest of the rosters figures on there eventually :slight_smile:

Lol! Is that Arbiter In the passenger seat! Omg