Killer Instinct Going Down Hill

To be honest, I like season 1 better than season 3. Killer Instinct started off great but as time went by IG change things for the worst (my opinion). Season 2 was OK, but season 3 just don’t seem like a KI game it suck. What’s y’all thoughts??? :smiling_imp:

The devs will iron everything out, with the new changes they need the feedback to make the correct changes again.


Personally, I think it’s getting better all the time. I didn’t start really learning the game until after EVO 2104, and there were too few characters at the time. I was terrible, but I learned a lot during Season 2, and loved the new mechanics, characters, training tools and Shadow Lab.

It’s going to take a bit for me to get used to flipout and stagger, but I like that they give “recapture-like” options for those who can’t have a full recapture. It adds to the mind games.

Plus it looks like wemre getting a really interesting game mode, with more stuff to come, including the other 4 fighters. I think there’s a lot to enjoy about Season 3 and I think the game is better than it ever has been, though there sre still things which need adjusting.


I really enjoyed Season 1 and was excited to see where the game was going in the future. Double Helix did a FANTASTIC job and I always like to imagine how DH would have done Season 2 or Season 3.
I dont think Killer Instinct is going down hill, in fact its getting better every day in my opinion! But I really do think Double Helix would have done a far better job.


I think it was only a matter of time before some random newbie drove by with the classic “this season is worse than my darling season x” post.

If you were to comment on what aspects of season 3 you feel are steps backwards, it might make this thread a little more meaningful or productive.


Thanks for the reply! Season 3 just not my cup of tea. I’m thinking once the season is over I might like it. But as of now, no.

The original post was very clickbaity and a little over the top (S3 certainy doesn’t “suck”). However, I will agree with you that S3 seems to be the worst so far, although that’s definitely just a personal opinion - I prefer fighting games that have a bit of a slower pace, a more honest neutral game, and short juggles. I’ve never liked Marvel or anime games, but IG seems to enjoy those and are building more and more crazy shennaningans into KI. Props to them, it’s their game and the crazy stuff they do works in KI due the combo breaker game, but I’m just not sure I’m going to keep playing it, especially with SFV also out and grabbing most of my attention anyway. I’m playing Tusk and having fun so far, he’s Aganos-y in that he doesn’t have to respect the KI combo system and juggles as much as other characters, but I don’t know how long that’ll last.

Just playing devil’s advocate here, but if he’s got a darling season, he’s hardly a newbie. :wink:


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This doesn’t really add any information to your original post. I was looking for things like “all of the new characters are kinda garbage, here’s why” or “they made changes to my favourite character(s) which I didn’t like” or “this character is OP, nerf this or that” or “I’m not a fan of the visual overhaul” or, well, anything that could start an actual conversation.


Yeah DH season one was fantastic I dropped $600 on Xbox one to play this game was very worried when I heard iron galaxy was taking over season two wasn’t bad but I don’t think it was on the same level as season 1 I do agree that they’re trying to make this game like other fighting games I am not a fan of flip out or juggles I think season three is all about juggles and it came from the devs mouth just don’t understand why they keep changing the little things when it’s not ask for them to be changed I still love KI I have played nothing but this game for two years now but hopefully they are paying attention which it seems they are with some stuff I would’ve loved to seen what DH would’ve done but you got to give iron galaxy some credit they’re only doing what they like

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Why don’t you like it?

KI is at its best ever, imo. It’s not perfect, there are things that need fixing, but overall… yeah, it has never been better.


KI Season 1 was never honest, though. You’ve always been able to clobber your slow, honest neutral with unreactable midscreen specials, and in S1 the dirt was at the height of its dishonesty. If anything, season 3 is as honest as KI has ever been.

It sounds like KI is simply not for you. At least SFV is around to better meet your needs. Certainly if they pushed KI further in SFV’s direction I’d be pretty unhappy.


@fnrslvr: Which is exactly what I said and I’m not campaigning for any system changes. But just to elaborate, KI felt more honest in the beginning of S2 in this respect, except a select few characters (TJ, I’m looking at you!). Since you like concrete examples, here’s one that came with S3 and made things worse in my opinion: flipouts after combo breakers.

Previously, if you got that breaker, your opponent was knocked down and it became your turn, which I felt was a good reward for combo breaking, somewhat balanced by the fact that the opponent got knocked away pretty far and you had to close the distance before you did anything (easier for some characters than others). Right now, they flip out and you both start back in neutral. If you were being pressured like crazy, your opponent can just start doing things right away, and you’re one bad read away from being in the exact situation you tried to escape.

Forum newbie doesn’t mean game newbie and doesn’t automatically mean he doesn’t have anything to say (though, to be honest, he kinda doesn’t :wink: ).

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You right.

Bruh… Season 3 is not my cup of tea like I said before. That’s the bottom line :joy:

I not gonna make this a long reply lol.
One main reason… I’m drained from learning the same character after ever update. I had enough of that during my Street Fighter 4 days :smile:

Welp, he said “bottom line” so I guess that’s the end of the discussion.

Takeaways: Season 3 isn’t good (“it suck”).
Reasoning: N/A


I think they expanded the juggle opportunities (by lowering KV build and changing hitboxes/trajectories in places, so it wasn’t a dramatic shift in emphasis) as part of an effort to give us something to develop and personalize in our playstyles for those of us who have been playing nothing but this game for two years now. It means you can revisit something you might’ve tried in the lab thinking it would be cool, only to be sad when the KV blew out immediately. I immediately revisited a bunch of things I had tried long ago with Jago, and now I’ve been exploring Riptor’s juggles because there’s some silly stuff you can do with backrun+HK that’s fun to play around with.

It seems totally fine to not bother exploring the juggles, or most of the new tech opened up by added/changed moves, too: most of what you’ve been doing for 2 years probably still works and will serve you well. But whenever you feel like blowing some time in the lab, this stuff will be waiting there to be discovered.

Ah. This is a change that ups the pace, which isn’t your thing.

I’ve commented on breaker flipouts before, but the short version is that I don’t think it changes a whole lot. Breakers are still pushing you to more-or-less the same ranges; and I don’t think you’re getting that much from a soft knockdown after a breaker, on average, that losing that with the flipout change really makes much of a difference. It does reduce the amount of time you have to re-evaluate your situation before they’re coming at you again, though.

I even personally felt like the flipout change was pandering to FGC elitist types who’d dismissed KI because they believed themselves entitled to an optimal combo every time they got an opening: by softening the punishment for getting broken, we’re trying to pander to that insolence instead of standing by what we like about the game.

That said, I’ve found that in-game I like the change. YMMV, I guess.

The “newbie” call was in reference to a common occurrence on these forums specifically. A regular here might realize how stale and predictable this kind of thread is – though some usual suspects might bore us with it anyway. :unamused:

Uh, duly noted?

I’m just not sure what you hoped to achieve. I mean, if you were hoping that somebody looking at this thread would glean anything useful from just the raw statement of “I don’t like season 3”, then I think you’d be mistaken.

Oh. Which character?

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Tj combo probably since hes changed so much over the seasons