Killer Instinct Frame Data App

Hey guys, a close friend of mine is the guy behind the “FAT Street Fighter 4/5” Frame data app that became quite popular in the USF4 scene. You may have seen/know of it and for those who haven’t here is a link

Recently he’s been getting into KI since getting it on his PC and has been enjoying it. At one offline casual session he asked if there was a place where he could find all the frame data (that’s not in training mode/command list). After saying I couldn’t think of any he told me if I could gather the frame data he could easily make a similar app for KI. He was surprised that the only guide apps he could find for KI were just unfinished move lists for each character.

So here’s a request from me, for anyone who has any info just post it here and I can gather it up and pass it on. I feel this is a very good opportunity for getting more competitive players into the scene seeing how much praise my friend’s USF4 app got for it’s convenience of having all the frame data on your phone.

Thanks guys.


One the cats… er, raptors… around here has been compiling a spreadsheet, but I’m having trouble tracking down the thread, so I’ll tag him.

@Ziarist Care to weigh in?

I have his godlike app for SFV, I was wanting one for KI, it would amazing if he made one for KI because I know 0 frame data for it atm unfortunately :astonished:

Please have him do it. There’s a spreadsheet at -

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This is awesome. Is this regularly updated and who owns it?

I found it in another topic in this forum. Just search frame data maybe?

Oh, hello. Still a work in progress, but here you go.


Thanks for the mentions, @MDMMORNING and @FeverAyeAye

@SonOfIver I’m the one who is updating it and “owns” it. Currently, I’ve run into a snag in my personal life, but that should be cleared up soon.


Likely will be doing this for ARIA so could send you the data later?

You’re welcome to send me whatever data you find, so long as it’s independent of the Game’s UI Data. The in-game Frame Data is sometimes wrong, and not in the notation I’m recording. It doesn’t count the first active frame as part of the startup, but I do, because most SF players are comfortable with it that way, and it will make it easier for them to transition, if kept in that format.

nvm then, I don’t have the setup to do this in my machine

The requirements are pretty low. Head here, (Ultra-combo thread), if you want to know how I’m doing this.

I’d suggest expanding it into a full accessible move list, frame data, new collector etc for KI.

I made a spreadsheet for Spinal’s frame data, it doesn’t have absolutely everything (the main things I can think of that aren’t in there is power devour and dashes) but should help with most things.

I had to put it in speechmarks as posting the link on its own loads the sheet in this webpage but that link minus the speechmarks should take you straight there.

Did this ever have any progress? Could you pretty please your friend?

For the record, I would be more than happy to help using the game’s UI in SF format for any gaps you have minus Kilgore.

Lots of data still needs to be filled into the spreadsheet. I could ask my friend again if he’s still interested.

Still filling out my spread sheet but a lot of the work is going to start being done after the next patch in March. Infil wants to adapt my sheet into his guide. But, like I said, to avoid more work, we’re waiting until the next patch drops to add to it.