Killer Instinct Forum League!

Hello everybody!!

So, inspired by @WrathOfFulgore 's idea about a month long tournament, I have an idea, the KI Forum Leagues!

The idea is simple: 30 players(placeholder number) fight each other in a long league. Each fight would be a FT5 between two fighters, the winner gets 2 points. Once all the players have played against each other, a second round starts, playing against each other again. So, for example, I would play against @WrathOfFulgore a FT5, then both would play against the rest of the players, and then between us again.

This would be played during several weeks, even months. The goal it’s a long time competition between friends, not a fast paced tournament. I have some ideas, but first I want to see how many people would participate. After that, we can set some rules.

So, what do you think guys? Would you like to participate?


-Each fight it’s a First to 5.
-Each fight, loser can change his character, winner has to maintain the same.
-If there is a disconnection, it’s up to the players to get to an agreement about repeating the fight or not. If one of the players doesn’t want to repeat and believes he deserves the win, record it and post it here. Since this is a friendly League, I don’t expect to see problems with this.
-You can play all your fights whenever you want. Just talk to the other League members to set your fights. You have 5 weeks(starting tomorrow) to complete all of them.
-We are using same scoring as the Topanga League, which is ranked by wins first, and then game differential second (so winning a set 5-4 gets you +1 to your GD, winning a set 5-0 gets you +5, losing a set 3-5 gets you -2, etc). We use the game differential as the first tiebreaker.
-We could set a small tournament between the best players of each league, but let’s finish this first

Edit 10 september:
The challonge brackets and leaderboards!

American League:

Rest of the World League:


@Infilament @DulXboxOne @FallofSeraphs76 @xSkeletalx @Marbledecker @Sasuke99I @Fwufikins… Everybody, damm it!!


Count me in!

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I’d play in something like this. I enjoys sets :slight_smile:


As long as it’s on weekends. I’m in!


I love this idea, actually. I think having a way to score it and so everybody plays everyone else, round robin takes a lot of the pressure off people (like me) who have weird schedules. I might try to arrange a dozen fights on a Saturday, whereas someone else might try to have one set a night all month long.

You would need to make some things clear up front, like the rules for picking characters, changing mid set etc. just so everyone is clear. But I would recommend keeping those things to a minimum. Probably the most important thing to do is figure out how to deal with scoring matches that simply don’t take place. I would say split the score, 1-1 but that would encourage some bonehead to avoid playing a person they knew would beat them. No one will want to give up points if their opponent forfeits, but if I’m available Saturday and my opponent is available every day but Saturday, then who is forfeiting the match? I know, it’s making it sound like a hassle but it’s better to have it clear up front how things are supposed to go.

It may take a while to find the right way to handle it, but I like the idea.


In like Flynn!


I have ideas for frequently absent players, retransmitions, ties, rules about selecting characters… pretty much everything. But first I want to know how much people would join before discussing that. And I agree in all that you say, rules should be very clear

It would help me to practice, yeap. But I’ll need to see the schedules. I’ve never played a league before =P


I would be up for this, sounds fun.

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I’m in as long as it’s on the weekend. I’ll check my Xbox for messages, GT is the same as my forum name.

I’ll be honest, I might forget about this. I know I’ll need to be on the top of my game (which will be difficult, considering I’m me), but it’d be fun, even if I’m at the bottom!
Unless I get early access to Shadow Lords, I’ll probably have time. :slight_smile:

Sounds cool. Also I think I’m gonna go ahead & do the other tournament…hopefully they can both co-exist well…but both would give people options they wouldn’t normally have for competing in tournaments, so I think they would be awesome! I hope no one considers it overkill to go both ways.

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I dont expect to start this soon. Rules, participants, its all in the air!

Hope to see you around once it starts!

Sounds like a great idea!!! Ill definitely tag along for the ride.


This definitely sounds like something I could dig. Count me in.

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Count me in, I love the idea! Lemme know if you need help setting anything up, m8.


I’m down completely.


Sounds cool. I don’t think I would play, but I’m sure you guys would have no trouble finding enough participants.

I would recommend you start with a small-ish number of people, though. Your first league should be maybe 10 or 12 people, because otherwise you won’t be able to handle all the issues that arise. It will give you a sense of how scheduling would work when you expanded the number of players, too.

With 10 people, that’s 45 sets to play, so that’s still a lot of organization. With 30, you’re looking at 435 sets, so… yeah, don’t start there. :slight_smile:


I’m in, but wouldnt mind waiting for a second round if you want to keep the first one small, like Infill said (he’s a smart guy, that one)

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