Killer Instinct Dreams: Part 2

Frankenstein isn’t the monster. Sorry I had to.

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I know that. But even if at times the monster is given his creator’s name, I was actually referring to the “Frankenstein” trope or syndrome rather than the monster itself.

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Back with another weird dream I had last night!

Basically, I was in an apartment. Then I happen to notice something…an arcade machine at the balcony! I was curious, so I turned it on, and it happened to be a Xbox One inserted in this machine. Obviously, the game included there was Killer Instinct.

Upon starting it up, I noticed something strange…the UI was Season 1 style! I was quite surprised to see such thing. Then I decided to select CPU vs CPU since I was bored, and the first thing I noticed was that the select screen was that of Season 3’s, but the background was Season 1’s. I chose Sadira and Rash, and the stage was Assassin’s Cave. Another thing I noticed was that the lighting of the stage was pre-Season 3, and I thought that was cool. Sadira’s intro started as usual, but Rash had a different intro…he was acting like a dog…LITERALLY. And that happened in the WHOLE match…



Did he bark?..

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I forgot if he did, but I heard him whimper at his intro.


I had another WEIRD dream last night… I was watching new gameplay footage of GARGOS himself in a live stream! I forgot how he played, but all I can remember was that there was a mirror match of him. What made it more shocking was that the match took place in a NEW STAGE, as if the devs were kidding around with the 3 stages only thing for Season 3. It was a SPACE level, similar to Galactus’ stage in MvC3. In addition, they even showed some of Gargos’ accessories, one of these look very similar to True Ogre from Tekken!

The crazy thing is, when I woke up today and browsed Twitter, a teaser image of Gargos was posted by the official KI Twitter Page. Couldn’t help but, this was WAY too coincidental…


Oh boy!! I hope your dream coming true! : D


posting mine from another topic:

Mine was a dream that I was a Fulgore unit with glowing green energy claws and had a red armor plating my visuals were also green so…I had green eyes I guess?, following my supposed target which was a lesser A.I drioid I was sent to “silence” . All I can tell you was it ended with me throwing the thing off a balcony on the street below.

Weird part was: For a Fulgore Unit I could not teleport. :confused:


A few months ago, I had a dream that I was the first male stalker of ultratech (Unless Ultratech has male stalkers) After I woke up I heard Aria’s voice telling someone that I had the potential to equal Riptor.

My colors were similar to Riptors sixth color, except the belly was a bluish white color with dark grey cybernetics. One day they sent me out to go after a rogue stalker from the first batch but she put up a fight but I manage to kill her in the end.

So yeah, I was apparently designed to go after stalkers that were out of control and destroy anyone who would get in Ultratech’s path.


Hey guys… I had strange dream about final character in S3 for few days ago… So I watch KI Season 3 final character’s trailer on youtube. I was hope it Eyedol, but it’s not Eyedol… Not guest too… It’s new character! What does new character look like? New character is male and jester, he had creepy smile mask! His combos and ultra are really weird because new character jester remind me of Voldo’s combos and moves from Soul Calibur… His default costume 's color is purple and black! He can change his face mask from creepy smile face… his different mask is scary grump, it’s very scared to me than Hisako! His creepy smile mask is front, scary grump mask is behind face. He had two faces! O_O


I’ve never had a KI Dream to this day. Is that bad? Lol.

You never had dream about KI?


Please don’t take seriously… It’s just joke…


I had dream about KI again! Let me to tell you my dream! You know MS buy Rare Ltd… Right? But MS didn’t buy Rare Ltd in my dream! I play Killer Instinct 3 on gamecube and there few new characters and original character return in KI3 on gamecube! I thought it’s real! But then I was wakeup and realize about me play KI3 on gamecube is my dream… : ( I wish MS never buy Rare Ltd!


My dream last night was that I, personally, could use Gargos’ Stoneflesh in real life. I had to yell it into the sky to activate it (like when Gargos activates it). I was showing it off to everybody and was having a good time until someone came over and kept sweeping me. It became a nightmare when I realized I couldn’t explode the skin off me! I started freaking out and woke up lol


So, to start off, I have a lot of sleep disorders, I’ve sleep talked, sleep walked and had sleep apnoea before, but the most troublesome issue I suffer with are night terrors, which are in basic terms like having a nightmare, but seeing the subject of said nightmare actually in the room with you and it feeling very real indeed, kind of like living the nightmare for a little while. Unfortunately this means my KI dream experience was less than enjoyable, but here it is anyway:-

After a rather long session in KI, I hit the hay, I remember turning over in my sleep and there being “something” in the bed with me, it kind of looks like a more evil Omen, with a mask that actually evokes fear, I look up, shocked, mouth agape and the creature grabs my neck with both hands and hisses into my ear “if you don’t break this combo, you WILL die!” and then proceeds to start hitting me. I wake up screaming, call my partner in the other room, he just shouts “What?” in response and I turn over and go back to sleep.

Since I’m here typing this, I guess I must have broken that combo after all? :joy:

I’m blaming Killer Instinct related stress for this. :sweat_smile:


Few days ago, I had dream about last character in Season 3. So I clicked EVO’s stream on twitch for they reveal last character’s trailer. They finally show last character’s trailer on stream! I was very HYPE! Last character is… Eagle! He look so fabulous! :smiley:


Ok, so I had another one. It was about Season 4 this time.

There was a special trailer at the end of some event depicting a new stage that seem to be a decrepit study room filled with old books, and it seemed to be somewhere atop a high tower, with a window overlooking the stormy night outside and some old-looking rooftops below. Then, facing that window and holding some sort of globe or crystal ball, there was a tall cloaked figure. His voice was heard, as his back was standing against the camera, saying something like “it is time” - and suddenly, a glimpse of its non-human mouth grinning. I instantly knew it was the new boss AND it was definitely the Lovecraftian character.

Then, a host of new (mostly human!) characters was shown. I can’t remember much of these apart from the fact that they were human… which was kinda boring!

Hopefully the first part of the dream will come true…


I had KI related dream. In it, I played Killer Instinct 2 on Famicom, and it looked only slightly worse than KI Gold. Nothing crazy actually.

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I bet Lovecraftian will be final boss in Season 4…

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Well, it finally happened - I dreamed about KI. Sort of…

I was a high school student again, and we were having a special “game day” at school. Prior to the event, everyone had been asked to bring their favorite games and controllers to school with them - I brought a physical copy of KI, my controller, and my Aganos stuffed plushy (which doesn’t actually exist, BTW). Upon arriving, everyone at my grade-level was asked to go to the gym, where we were introduced to 2 college-age students that were hosting the event - a man and a woman, and had already set everything up; the woman was obviously in charge. While she made some announcements, I was surprised to see how many of the students had controllers and games - nobody at my school ever seemed to talk or show signs of being gamers before. The woman then said something that was magic to my ears: “Killer Instinct tournament” - I knew right then that I was going to win it, because nobody even competed at my level. Those of us that were interested could go to the kiosks in the middle of the court and plug in our controllers. So I did.

…and this is where my dream turned into a nightmare.

As i plugged my controller into the console, I noticed a weird remote plugged into the 2nd-player slot. I asked the nearby player why they had plugged another console’s controller into this console. They told me that it probably used some sort of adapter, but that it wasn’t theirs. It was then that the woman in charge approached me and informed me that it was her controller, and that I had plugged mine into her display console, which she used to show games to the attendees. She also informed me that this was a violation of the rules, and that I was no longer allowed to play any games. This news brought me to tears and to my knees. To finally have a chance to prove myself to the school as a gamer, and I had just lost it due to a stupid technicality. I begged and pleaded with her to let me play because I knew I was the best and that I could prove it. She wouldn’t listen. So I turned to other students instead and begged them to let me show them - they also refused because they either refused to let me prove it to them, were busy playing other games on other consoles, or cited the rule that I had broken.

So, I sat. Alone, dejected, and defeated, on what should’ve been the best day of my life. It instead, turned into the worst day of my life.

As the afternoon wound to a close, I wiped away the tears, and went to grab my bag that had my KI game and Aganos plushy, figuring that the softness of the gentle giant doll would offer me some comfort. However, it was nowhere to be seen. I looked to and fro, but it was gone - someone had taken it! Facing reality that I would never again be able to hold the plushy or play KI ever again, I was completely destroyed at this point, and started wailing and throwing punches into the wall as hard as I could over and over again. Thankfully almost everyone was gone at this point.

Then, I felt a hand on my shoulder - I turned around to see a group of men, with the 1 in the middle removing his hand from my shoulder.

“It’ll be alright,” he said.

“Who are you?” I asked.

He introduced him and his group and told me that they were the band, CCR (Creedance Clearwater Revival). Stunned into silence at this revelation, they took pitty on me and offered me a free concert ticket to their latest showing, which I humbly accepted.

I then woke up from my dream, happy to know that I could still play KI, but saddened that I didn’t actually have an Aganos plushy to hug.