Killer Instinct DLC & WISH LIST POLL

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Right guys.

Lets have a Vote! You all get 4 votes each! lets see what gets the most votes!

i did want to put rough prices on these but we didn’t get that far as most people are vocal about DLC and what they think they should be entitled to anyway lol. :disappointed_relieved:

In practice a well designed roaster with new plays styles and mechanics plus a few added modes are whats going to make KI a better game. The bellow is a list of things we would LOVE to add as an extra but that wont change the way the game plays.

Placed in packs of 3’s

Ive placed these in groups because i feel not everyone is going to want to pay for all retro stages or ultimates? Maybe your just buys the ones that you main with or maybe your buy them all? This way you get the choice and the developer gets the luxury of rolling the ultimates or backgrounds out in packs gaining more time and HYPE as content will always be rolling out.

Lets let them know what we want the MOST!

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#DLC For Killer Instinct after S3 is launched. :chart_with_upwards_trend: 5 VOTES ALLOWED :chart_with_upwards_trend:.

    1. Ultimates x3 packs
    1. Shadow characters x1 (with gold)
      Kim / Orchid / Maya
    1. Classic backgrounds x3 packs
    1. New backgrounds (Omens, sky stage, etc)
    1. Stage ultras x3 packs
    1. Dojo combo challenge packs x3
    1. More customisation accessories (sold per character)
    1. Dlc characters Eyedol, Eagle (sold separately)
    1. Omen a real boy (with gold)
    1. Retro music dynamically mixed packs of x3

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#Season 3 wish list what modes or tweaks that we are we most looking forward to? :chart_with_upwards_trend: 4 VOTES ALLOWED :chart_with_upwards_trend:

    1. Online tournament lobby
    1. Online practice mode
    1. Character viewer 360 models
    1. A buffed replay mode zoom, slow motion etc.
    1. Tag team mode
    1. Clan Battle – Similar to team except multiple players can play. 2v2, 3v3, 4v4, 5v5.
    1. Tidied textures, Retro costumes, Background holes and animations.
    1. Colour 11 with effects / Glows / animated textures etc
    1. New game Hud

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Combo trials,
Tag team,

have got my vote

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omen could be so amazing!!! he just needs a little tweak!

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will this affect season 3s development timeframe at all

I need real boy Omen, ultimate, classic background, dojo combos challenge and dlc characters Eyedol, Eagle!


its purely for the research mr!

the DLC wil be for AFTER season 3 has shipped. What we want as follow up packs

the WISH LIST is more about what you HOPE will be in season 3.


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Wow allot of votes already :smile::smile::smile: :heartbeat::heartbeat:

Dont forget to let us know what you voted or if there was somthing missed :blush:

They kind of already have the 360 character viewer. When you’re customizing your character, you can rotate them around and I believe even zoom in/out? If not, they are at the very least rotatable. I do it all the time.

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Would the tidied textures and holes animation etc include Updated ultra effects and perhaps a new hit counter (was thinking the hit counter getting crazier as the hits go up)

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They used to have this little viewer mode in season 1 I think. … where u saw the model and story.

Would be a cool extra something like this:


Lets keep it at visual effects so:

Holes in ultras
Stage enders and finish poses

That kinda thing :blush:

81 votes and no one is telling us what they went for :joy::joy::joy::joy:

Eagle/Eyedol and textures are what I voted for


I want to vote “additional intros/outros”

Fixed S1 retro costumes and Ultimates, that’s what I want most.

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Oh ■■■■■ it: I now choose ALL OF THE ABOVE in my case :wink: :smile: :sunglasses:

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Filli intros and outros is a hard one…

We know 100% thats not coming in season 3 as its way too much work to update and animate everyone.

And as DLC who would pay for intos and outros? Like im thinking mass audience?

I wanted them too but i just can’t see how it would be possible?

Thanks @WheresAARon I agree retros and graphic tidy up in the season 3 wish list is very important!

Lol u get 5 votes for DLC and 4 votes for your season 3 wish list .

Use them all! :blush:

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No, not true. Where have you heard this?