Killer Instinct DESERVES A SEASON 4!

Welp. Maybe we can ask them to add an offline option without the microtransactions? Its not too late. After all, they did say, “They love all of us.”

I see his “vacation” is over… and he is already up to shenanigans.

I’d say it is possible. It isn’t shadow labs where the core function needs it. It can exist without a connection. I agree with you on that part.

The only plot that I am up to, is to help make this game better. With some tough love. If we don’t want a season 4 or for anything else to be added to this game, this game will be the one taking a looong vacation and NOBODY wants that.

Lets just see how the mode plays out first, then we can offer a suggestion to Iron Galaxy Studios to make it offline.

I wouldn’t mind it, actually. It would give the devs some time to refine the engine, make a new KI with better graphics and gameplay, come up with some more cool character designs both for returning characters AND completely new ones, and make an all new and better Killer Instinct sequal.

And hopefully Microsoft would give the game a bigger budget to give the devs some creative freedom to make an even bigger game.

I pray for that every week.

We don’t have to show you anything, nor should we, as it wouldn’t do any good. It’s MS and IG that we need to show it to - they are the ones that matter.

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facepalms Let me rephrase that. “Show THEM how much you REALLY LOVE KI!” God #$%$ grammar ■■■■■! Always lurking in the forums.

Oh, I know (your numerous links and hashtags proved that); my post is just a matter-of-fact lesson in using proper language to help you get your point across more effectively. :wink:

Can’t argue with that!

You just said that NO ONE wants for KI to take a long vacation , and this whole thread is about you talking about wanting a Season 4.

What I am saying is that I would rather they DIDN’T make a season 4, but started making a sequal instead.

And my question to you is, HOW? HOW is that gonna work? gets pen and paper

How is what gonna work? A sequal?

Well, first of all, they stop working on the current KI. And then they start on making the next one.

Do you REALIZE how many pissed off jaded fans that would cause? Especially when most fans spent like $100+ dollars on this game? :scream:

Why would anyone be pissed?

And they have gotten their money’s worth of content. The game isn’t just gonna up and disappear, just because the devs work on a new game. You do realize this is a natural process and it has been done plenty of times before, right?

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I must be day dreaming then because I remember in the past reading numerous of comments and even seeing videos about how a project has started, was barely finished and fans felt betrayed. Then again as you all stated, they got over it and bit the bullet.

If the sequel just ends up being another “Free 2 Play” version of the game, then what was the point of making the sequel if they can just continue on with the game through season passes? Just an afterthought.

Thank you all again for your responses. Lets keep this up so Iron Galaxy Studios and Microsoft can see this thread topic actually be one of the top viewed for a day or so.