Killer Instinct DESERVES A SEASON 4!

Previously from my notorious yet truthful post topic of “Is this what we waited 15+ years for?” after playing as Eyedol, I can honestly say that I am ready to give this game another shot and advertise in the positive light as to why Killer Instinct deserves a continuation but with much more content that is bigger than MKXL. Bigger than Tekken 7 or any other fighting game out there. Its time to get serious because the faith and continuation of Killer Instinct, now rests on our hands. I still stand by my old videos I made in the past this year but Eyedol’s frame animations in this game, has given me a new fond hope/respect for this game. FIGHT ON AND SPREAD THE WORD about this fan project and my most positive KI3 video ever. NO EXCUSES KI FANS and EXTREMISTS! Show me how much you REALLY LOVE KI! #Eyedol #KillerInstinct #Irongalaxystudios #Xbox #ContinueKI #KIseason4 Be honest with yall selves, the current product is seriously lacking but that all can change…IN SEASON 4!

What? Confused. Didn’t you/ge say ere was too much Dlc and now you want an S4? I am too confused.


I believe we have no choice. Either we ask for a season 4 or this game will perish a year or two later. I don’t know any other way around this. Yes. it does have too much dlc but despite the facts that you all keep pointing out about this games budget, what choice do we have? If we don’t dish out the cash, this game is going in the…you get the point. And so what if I had a different opinion about this game back then. I am giving it another chance.

So this is a make a S4 thread? There is a thread on this. Go there instead of making a new one plz. Thanks.


Please provide a link. I had no idea. :slight_smile:

Do we honestly need a Season 4? Enjoy. Magnifying glass is a search bar fyi


That’s a little pessimistic.


Its the sad truth. Do you have any suggestions? :slight_smile:

I personally think you’re wrong lol. The game is constantly growing in player numbers why would that stop in a year lol.

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Plus isn’t KI cup still a confirmed thing for a while?

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That is what I love to hear. Then would you be excited if Season 4 was announced before this year was over?

I don’t feel like we need a full season, just some new content given to us over time. A full season is too much, the game could get unstable at that point.

I am afraid it already reached that point. And besides, Microsoft wants to release multiple seasons anyway. That was their original plan.

I’m sorry, do you like this game and want it to succeed or not? I’m very confused.

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Its a guilty pleasure but the new Eyedol gameplay animation gave me a glimmer of hope for more to come. Hell, maybe even the Shadow Lords mode. Which reminds me, Is Shadows Lords mode an online only mode?

I think they mentioned it was online only due to the micro transactions.

Yes and no. You need to be connected to the internet to play it, but it is a single player mode.

@SonicDolphin117 Awesome. sarcasm
@TheMunin Well. That is just fantastic. sarcasm

When did they say this? I must know.

At the EVO panel during the Q&A.

I think it had to do with the microtransactions and daily rewards.