Killer Instinct: Definitive Edition on sale for $20 until November 28th

Just like the title says. There is not a better time to buy KI than this weekend.

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except if you’re playing on PC.

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yea, this feels like a middle finger to the PC players…

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I just want Season 3 Ultimate Edition, I don’t really want to buy the whole game again. I’ve brought this up in another thread multiple times, but I can’t really nail a response from anyone on it. I already have the Combo Breaker edition, I just want a fairly priced option for upgrading to the Ultra Edition, especially since the individual season now come in such a cheap all in one package. Really all I want is the permanent 2x xp modifier.

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I just bought this :

I havent any charactetçr but the free one .

could you help me thanks

Am I willing to spend $20 for a gold/platinum Gargos, since I have everything else already?


Yeah, seriously. All I want is the double xp modifier, and the Arbiter costumes, but despite such a massive content bundle being available for $40, they can’t maybe offer a deal on just a piece of that content? Even at $15 for an upgrade or so?

I don’t mean to sound rude in that remark either, it’s just been an issue for me for a long while, and I was kind of hoping the black friday deals would give a possible suggestion for this at a fair price. Still, I may have little choice.

I’m not sure what the difficulty you are having in the process, but use the search feature and you may find someone has asked the same question and had the same problem. My best guess is either the content isn’t finished installing, or that you may need to try and refresh the game and go through the “checking downloadable content” screen again. Another thing is to see if your monetary transaction went through or if you may have downloaded the free version by mistake.

Your best bet though is searching the forums for if others have the same problem, and if they haven’t, then maybe the next step may be to create a post in the bug report, or create a thread (don’t do this lightly), and ask the developers for help. They also tend to offer assistance on twitter if you need it, as does Microsoft.

casual microsoft product and brands. also i have lumia too. well basicly nothing for PC players. still waiting crossbuy thing or i dont know probably they dont care.

I guess you play on PC? the Definitive Edition is NOT crossplay. refund it or wait for the official PC release and hope that you’ll get the content then. right now there is nothing else you can do. it simply doesn’t work.

i didint buy it yet i was about to buy when its first released so something happend like crossbuy thing( amazon said it will work ) didint buy it anyway. but im still waiting for PC edition sad part is im not able to buy cheap price atm.

I responded to Zakf20 :wink:

oh well this forum unusual for me still confusing also. i saw new unread notification anyway.

It will be crossbuy next month though. Might as well capitalize on the deal instead of paying full price next month.

I wouldn’t bet on it. in the end the DE on PC is perhaps a technically different title and a previously bought DE will still be only usuable on XBO. we just don’t know. the KI team doesn’t even seem to be aware of the issue and claims that PC players should already have access to the content, which is definitely not the case. so who knows if it actually works retroactively when it is finally released on PC and if that even happens in december.

thanks Sp00kyFox

They just gave me back the money

wait a minute, what do you mean this is not cross buy? any official source?
I bought it on xbox but it doesn’t give me the characters on pc

but some how I get a definite edition KI app on windows 10 that’s a 6gb download, but it crashes right away as it launches.

there is no official source. rukizzle just claimed recently that it should be crossbuy:

yet so far no PC player has been able to get the content since the release in september. so it should according to the team, but it just isn’t. I don’t know what’s up with the DE app you’re talking about though. first time I heard of it being on PC.

I also purchased Definitive Edition to play on PC/Windows 10 and admittedly I was slightly surprised when the characters were not unlocked. Not sure whether to request a refund or pray that it works at a later date.

I cannot purchase any individual characters in-game, it just displays an error message. Perhaps it’s confused about which content I own?

The KI Hub is showing as available for download on the Windows Store, it’s a 6gb app and taking ages but I will try and launch it and report back.

apparently you can’t buy anything at the moment right now on PC. maybe they working on making the DE available for purchase on PC and messed things up.

can you maybe post a screenshot of this 6GB app? I only see the normal game in the windows store, this is all I got: