Killer Instinct Definitive Edition not working properly

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no, your supposed to get him. try using shadow lords. if not, buy the character.


Kilgore is not included in the definitive edition. He is currently unavailable for sale. I believe he is available again on April 4th


Can confirm, content is there after the update.

Anyone know why Kilgore isn’t available right now?


Will the Definitive Edition be updated to include Kim Wu’s trailer and in the attract mode when it cycles through the characters, to include Eyedol and the last 3 characters? Kinda not “definitive” without these.


Last three characters ( Kilgore, shisako) are not part of the definitive edition. They are post season 3 whereas the def. edition only contains up to season 3


How the hell u managed to make it work ? is that the PC version Offline ?


How the hell did u make it work?


If it does not get fixed does he get money back?


Can someone show me how to fix it? Please, I just wanna play the game.


so i have everything besides omen color pack but for some reason when playing offline i lose acess to all those characters.
My win 10 store is setup for offline acess too so issue has to be bug in the game.

I think i have found the cause too check app setting for both killer instinct and DE click on advanced neither have addons or dlc listed. these all need a download for win 10 version just as you would have on xbox for each dlc.


One year after this, i am here now because i’m experimenting exactly the same problem, have the Definitive but works just the free version.



Just bought it on Xbox and mine works after you install it, but after I turn my xbox off I have to reinstall the whole game just to use all the character’s for an hour or two before work and we have limited data soooooo? RIP


Out of curiosity, have you installed the individual characters? It sounds like you might be playing while offline without the characters installed. They should show up as individual DLCs
if you go into Games and Apps, find KI, and Manage it.