Killer Instinct Definitive Edition not working properly

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Having the same issue. Already started ranting about it on this forum and Micorosoft. Scumbags. If they don’t fix this ■■■■ soon i’m gonna boycot them as much as possible from now on.


Just to compensate the overall frustration I have just bought KI for PC even if knowing the issue.
Can confirm the above statements: the only two unlocked characters, labeled like owned, beside Jago, are Tusk and Rash.
Still downloading the Definitive Edition Hub from the store if that will make a difference.

Hope to bring a bit of positive vibe to the dev team to address this annoying issue that will end as soon as the bug will get fixed, then, only hunting :smiling_imp:


I have the PC version and that’s where I noticed it. I have an xbox as well, but I have not tried there. I just moved and I have to hook it up.


Downloading the Hub didn’t fix the characters being locked for me :frowning:


The hub is just a standalone app with all the extras and doesn’t have any effect on Killer Instinct.


Just heard back from our team that they are investigating (still). Turns out there were multiple issues that caused this. While some are fixed, others are still being tweaked.

Still at the World Cup myself, but as soon as I hear more I will let you know.


honestly we just want some sort of clarity here. I am personally happy you jumped back to give us an update, and would appreciate a little more transparency on this,considering so many have been effected. I personally haven’t refunded the game because I wanted to play this since it was announced and only have pc for it…sp please…please get this fixout for us :frowning:


I really sympathize with the people who bought KI and can’t play it, especially since you guys have had this issue for a week or more now. It’s really crappy all around and there’s no real excuse for it.

As hard as it is, I’d like to encourage you guys to just be a touch more patient with the devs here. They tried a fix last week and it didn’t work, so they didn’t ignore the problem at first. But I think the main reason is that this weekend is the busiest time for everyone in the KI world, due to the KI World Cup (which I hope you guys are watching! It’s live now on It’s a really difficult time for people to get fixes like this through.

To the devs, I really hope you guys are able to pull through early next week with a proper fix, after the stress of the KI Cup dies down. It seems to be affecting every person who buys Definitive Edition on PC, which after KI Cup is probably going to be more people, most of which won’t post here.


I got the same problem. Bought the definitive edition on windows 10 and it unlocked 0 characters. Back to Guilty Gear I guess while I get a refund. This killed any interest I had in the game.


Kind of sucks that this happened this week, so many people in the KIWC twitch chat saying they want to try the game out and they’re just going to run into this problem if they buy it.


There’s really no more transparency to add, what else do you wanna know? The average user isn’t going to understand that there’s like these fifty specific lines of code that were written just perfectly wrong in that way to cause this issue, all they’re going to understand is something broke and it’s taken them about two weeks to fix it meanwhile a thread on their forums is filled with endless hate from people that can’t grasp that fixing errors in code especially in large games and systems isn’t as easy as changing the oil in your car or something

As for the overall topic, a community announcement or posting on the store page or some kind of warning that it isn’t currently working would absolutely be in order.


I had this issue about two days ago and spend a good portion of around 2 hours on two different days with microsoft support. I suggest the best way (depending on how many characters you want and the like) is to just buy them individually. I got refunded and was told to try again but until I see that people are able to have no issue with it on a constant basis, ill stick with not getting the bundle.


He was probably referring to the radio silence that ocured after the initial statment from Rukari. Something along the lines of “the fix didn’t work as expected we are still looking into it” would have been nice… but after the last post, people affectet at least know they are still on it.


I just made an account to join the angst… because i’m having the same issues. My brother did an account using our outlook mail, and posted a very extensive tread to the developers, giving as much info as possible, and suddenly our account got blocked, and the post got lost… weird stuff… anyway, i hope they fix this soon, no matter how busy they are with the i-don’t-know-what coup whatever, they have to deliver optimal services for a paid product.


Bought the DE on PC and it somehow decided that the appropriate content to download/authenticate for my account was… Xbox content.

There must be a lot of spaghetti code handling this stuff because I’m not sure how this can be confused. But having a universal store I guess I could understand how they might create this confusion.

I couldn’t even uninstall anything if I wanted to because I see no button anywhere in this interface to do so.


The same problem, the developers are working on in this?


They’re working on it. We just need patience, which is hard after watching how hype KI World Cup’s top 8 was lol!


nope didnt work


Yeah the Killer instinct tournament made me want to buy it but its not even working :frowning:


Purchased definitive edition last night and tried to get it to work. Still don’t have any characters and xbox support is useless.