Killer Instinct Definitive Edition not working properly

yes, what I mean is, if you say you rolled out a fix and its like 2 days later with people still saying there’s an issue, it’d be nice to get a quick “hey guys we see it’s not working, we have people on it.” like it’s not that hard to update your playerbase on something like this, because it’s just a major deal. I’ve actually never felt like I was robbed by a company until like…3 weeks ago now, that I bought this and I didn’t get what I was promised. I can bet 100% we will get nothing in compensation. My hope is that the patch tomorrow fixes everything/

I dont want to refund it ill wait a few more days to see if its fixed cause the game is awesome i just want to Play riptor :frowning: i cant even buy her separately i get a error.

I feel the same way, I dont want to refund I just want to play the game. But I really wish there was a dev response.

That’s been my issue. I am glad to hear something else but there is still much lacking in the way of communication here. No one is expecting technical details but the courtesy of professionalism is severely absent. It makes us feel like we aren’t being taken seriously. This isn’t some “Oops, Oh well” kind of thing. Paying customers are being sold a defective product and given no promise of any kind of a resolution. This issue should be their first priority. Nothing else should take precedence over people not getting what they pay for.

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Hate to admit it but with this game you need to have lots of patience. The developers are a small skeleton crew with barely any funds or time to work on the game.

Every time they roll out a patch something else breaks, then the next patch plays catchup with the last patch.

I feel that people see its backed by microsoft and assume it works like aaa title. Its not its a small indie game. Wait it out for a patch im sure they will fix this issue, even if they create 10 new bugs in the process.

Even with a small crew there should be some type of update to what is happening to our product.

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I agree, but maybe they really have no idea whats happening. It’s plausible considering the current developers didn’t even develop the game engine. I cant begin to imagine the nightmare this games code is. It essentially is being completed by other developrrs after the original ones abandoned the project.

To be honest its surprising the game even functions at all. If you take a look a the bug thread there are already more bugs found, some even affecting tournament play.

Yeah there is really no excuse imo, this is your largest DLC bundle release to date. Even if you don’t have dedicated QA the product owners need to test their ish.

I’m sure the devs are aware of the issue at this point… I don’t know why we didn’t see a post at least acknowledging it today.

By the way, KI Cup hyped the hell out of this game (the casters and players really demonstrated how great it is); this is a MAJOR let down to all of the folks like me that bought the game after watching KI Cup… I hope this is a wakeup call to the dev team.


11 days in… guys, Ive owned this game for 11 days & still no fix, I don’t care what anybody has to say this is complete bullshit. how hard could it be to add the characters to the windows 10 accounts for christ sakes

My condolences

this is why I’ll never buy a PC. crap ports and just to many configs to adhere to. buying anything from the win 10 store is a joke. call of poopy only being cross play with other win 10 users.

I’d take reliability over extra frames any day. hope u guys get it sorted out and also have the patience for KI’s steep learning curve. cause the body’s gonna hit the floor.

What I say has nothing to do with whether they have a clue what the problem is or not. My point stands. It doesn’t matter how small the team is or what they have to work with. Business is business. Customers expect professionalism. How hard is it to get some one in here to make an “Official Statement”? One that includes an apology, an estimated time frame, some form of compensation (not talking money here just some kind of peace offering) and over all makes customers feel slightly less taken advantage of.
You go through the drive through, they screwed up your order, they say " I’m sorry about that sir! have a free apple pie!" and you feel just a little bit less like throwing the screwed up order of food across the counter at them…

Wish I saw this post sooner, I unfortunately am another person to add into the group of PC players that bought this version. KI Cup finally convinced me to go all in and buy the characters for this game and to give the game a try myself. Im just hoping for some type of information on when this will be fixed so I can enjoy my purchase.

your concerns are exactly why gamers don’t trust publishers or game devs. they’ll get it sorted out. it usually takes at least two weeks for a patch certification and that’s knowing what the problem is like, right now.

one thing I can probably speak on behalf of the KI team is that they’re on their Sh/ -/-. they don’t play around when it comes to matters such as these.

but if I can offer some helpful criticism. it’s that ur delusional if u think a publisher or devs gonna publicly tell you what’s wrong before its official, your a bit to high maintenance in that regard.

there’s a few things about IG I don’t like but then taking they’re sweet time fixing broken crap isn’t one of them. besides CD projekt red, they’re probably the top 5 for being on top of things.

welcome to the community and I hope I see u online. watch out for my fulgore :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye::heart:

I bought Defintive Edition testerday but content is closed. If I understand correctly, is the problem still unsolved?

It’s such a shame that there are so many new players who are unable to get this resolved. This game is obviously awesome, but it’d leave a real bitter taste in my mouth if this happened to me (and has happened with other games in the past for me – I buy a game, get excited, run into show-stopping technical issues, and then just end up having ill will towards it). In other forums I’m seeing people get excited from watching KIWC, only to buy Definitive Edition and not get the characters they paid for. And unfortunately no advice anyone can give them. Really hope the devs can get this sorted out quickly.

Some form of damage control would be nice. Word of mouth spreads quickly and its been over a week already. Last thing we need to be relegated to is “the game that doesn’t work”. So many new heads and such a negative expetience for them already, and thats not including all the teabags they will need to endure to get in this late.

Can’t really blame people if they would give up on trying this franchise.

Me 2 man, bought it last night and when it wasn’t working on my PC (don’t own a xbox) i found this thread… Tried uninstalling the game, but the result was the same…I really wan’t to play this game though and i hope they’ll fix it ASAP…

I was also stuped into getting this game and wanted the Definitive Edition. Got Robbed 40.00 of this I called mircosoft and they gave me my money back.

i also fell for the definitive edition meme. i spent $70 that i probably shouldn’t have spent and I didn’t get anything at all for it.
I can look at some concept art, great.
Here’s hoping it gets fixed really soon.