Killer Instinct Definitive Edition not working properly

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Except, that’s you calling them names. But, I’m not here to argue. I was just trying help keep people from getting more angry than they are, by giving a reason/explanation as to why things haven’t been resolved.

I expect a lot of things from people on the Internet. To be honest, this is what I expected, but I hoped that it could be turned into something better, and, with more activity in the thread, possibly get a developer to respond further.

Also, to your thousands of dollars point. Thank you. I didn’t even realize how many people here had the problem and didn’t do the math myself, until just now.


Well I guess I was calling names then. You are right that there is no reason to. It certainly hasn’t gotten me what I paid for. If it had I would be exercising my fingers on a controller instead of a keyboard. I understand you were not trying to instigate an argument. I swear I’m trying to chill


48 hours since I purchased definitive version. Says I have it in the store and I can launch it at will, but still have none of the characters or costumes…


Day nine, time to Whine


hello, i have the same problem bought killer instinct definitive edition on 03/04/17 and my purchase didnt apply to the base game either contacted customer, uninstalled and reinstalled the game 3 times, posted on the forums afterward and still issue not resolved. Called billing yesturday and had my money refunded and I finally get a response today to do the following for the windows store.

Thanks for the immediate reply. You may reset the Windows Store Cache. Kindly perform the following steps:

Press the Windows + R keys to open the Run dialog box.
Type WSReset.exe and click Ok.
The Store and a command prompt will now open with any message. The command prompt will automatically close after the Store's cache has been reset. 

After its completion, restart your computer to sync all changes made. Then, uninstall and reinstall your game and check if the same instance occurs.

Keep us in the loop with the results after performing the solutions provided.

I was just wondering if this solution works since they removed all the content from my library in the store after the refund. If someone tries this solution let me know what happens maybe ill rebuy the content if they correct this issue. Ive been calling customer support all week to find a solution to this problem.


Dude, it does not work, I’ve done that twice, and tried even a complete p/c format because fudge it I’ve got fiber.
over 4,000$USD has been made since the bug has been known, and microsoft support is useless as dildos to serve salad


Just tried it, didn’t work.

The definitive version simply doesn’t unlock any characters. This is false advertising and Microsoft could get into serious trouble fo rit.


I JUST made an account so I could be added to the list. I thought it was just me for the last 30 minutes of launching, relaunching, switching launch icons, etc. What’s even more messed up is I decided to buy the Definitive Edition instead of going to see Logan, because I figured that this would be the better value…


I saw Logan yesterday, really great movie. I’d say refund it and go watch that since it doesn’t look like they’ll be fixing this anytime soon…


“As useless as dildos to serve salad”

Hahaha best quote and analogy ever. +1


Why don’t you change the topic to bugs and etc. chances are the correct people will see it there. Also a lot of devs are probably out at the World Cup so not as many people that can help you are available. Change the topic and maybe by Monday you will be noticed by the correct people?


Maybe TAG some Devs if anyone knows them.


Read up, A dev did respond like 6 days ago my dude. Why do you think some of us are so outraged.


Just created a new account to say that I have the same problem, bought the definitive edition yesterday, I can only play as Jago, Rash and Tusk. it’s a bit alarming that this issue has been present for a week, they at least should have disabled the possibility to buy the definitive edition in the Windows store.


@rukizzel a lot of new people here… don’t you think it’s appropriate to let them know you are working on this?


Just got one of my friends to install my account to his XONE, installed all the dlc no problem, he was able to play them all, But when I tried again on my Windows 10 pc, They’re all locked and it asks me to buy packages. I forget where I read getting an xbox to d/l would fix the sync issue, but its completely false.


Just in case anyone was about to give that crap a whirl


Just bought teh definitive edition a few hours ago and am having the same issues i can only play as Tusk Jago and rash, :frowning:


Well the next patch for the game comes out Tuesday. If that doesn’t fix the issue you all are having then I’m sorry but something is seriously wrong here and it needs to be addressed (unlike the controller support issue that they simply ignored for months and I’m still salty about)


I know that everyone at this point is just repeating that they are having the same problem, i can’t access any character aside from Jago and Tusk, but i have all the stages available. the post at the top didn’t have either so i wasn’t sure if everyone else had the same problem as i did