Killer Instinct Definitive Edition not working properly

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Well if it matters any… a friend of mine has the pc definitive edition and his works perfectly fine. Its not on our end its on the server side end. I practically gave up and decided to just refund it to use my money on another game.


any idea what your friend had to do to get it working?


I’m not gonna refund my money because I’m DYING to play but I’d LOVE an update about this issue sometime soon >=l


KI Cup/Con is this weekend, hopefully they address the issue and bring out a patch soon to fix it for you all having problems. Id be patient until then.


If they keep ignoring this, I will contact Kotaku and other news sites and hope they will spread the word…


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I believe they’ve ignored it for far too long already. If they expect to do this to people and there be no repercussions then they are ignorant. Thank you for the idea Riptor. I think I will steal it if you don’t mind.

They have had ample time to tell us something. They chose not too. That’s on them


They already said they’re working on a fix. The more angry you get and let it show in your posts, the less likely it will be that they will respond. Also, KIWC starts tomorrow. I’m sure the KI side of IG is busy either attending the event or preparing for 3.7 which may include a fix for this. On behalf of the @developers I am sad that this is an issue for all of you, and I hope this gets fixed soon.


Boo Hoo! Are you kidding me? They made the most vaguest announcement they possibly could. Not actual information. They have literately stolen thousands of dollars from people. They need do do a little better than that and they need to grow a pair and expect that customers are going to be angry about this. If they want people to calm down then someone needs to offer up some relevant information. There silence makes them cowards, that’s more or less what you just said


The fact they keep it in the Microsoft store for $40.00 USD knowing it’s not even giving full access to content is asinine, And for you to say its OUR problem is just your fanboy ■■■■■ IMO which quite honestly Doesn’t matter here, this is becoming a legal matter and it will be resolved by force if necessary.


I understand that it didn’t give you any insight as to what may be the problem, but they can’t say too much. Especially when they said it. You think that they instantly knew what was happening with their code when they read this? Nope. Whoever saw this first relayed it to the team responsible for fixing these kinds of issues, and the team most likely said, “■■■■! Ok, we’re on it.” That’s when they posted that they’re working on a fix. They couldn’t have known anything more than you know about the issue when it was posted.

Can I have a source for this?

Of course they understand that people are going to be angry. In fact, I’m sure they were expecting people to get angry about not being able to use something they paid for. PR for IG and @rukizzel are currently at KIWC. Rukizzel is usually the one who acts as the middle man for us. I’m sorry I can’t give you any more insight on that, but them’s the brakes.

Maybe they plan on releasing that info with the patch notes that are due out when Rukizzel gets the video from the team.

Their silence doesn’t make them anything but silent. You’re being rude and calling them names, and you expect them to respond to you? I’m not saying I wouldn’t but I understand why they wouldn’t. Most developers don’t respond at all when problems arise, and only let people when the problem is resolved. I’m not saying you aren’t justified in being angry. I’m just saying that, letting it show in such an unfiltered way will turn people off to responding, because they feel like there’s no point in continuing the conversation with a person who’s just going to attack them for trying to be helpful.

You know I didn’t mean it that way. I meant it as “the problem you are having”. Not to say that you are the only ones with this problem, but the problem in general.

I don’t know what to say to this except; I’m sorry that you feel this way. Which, I know doesn’t help. I’m just trying to be nice person and calm down the discussion.


At least, can you disable the product on the store please ? I feel no comfort to be part on a growing group of Mishandled customer.

Currently, i am launching the game once a day and encounter the same disappointment.
Can you tell is if it is a matter of hours ? days ? weeks ?

This way, we can decide to get a refund + walk away or basically wait but with some information.
A fix “soon” means nothing. Could be 3h or 3 months…


We know that Patch 3.7 is coming out this month. Which means the maximum time for the fix is 3 weeks. I’m guessing it will come out next week, or the week after and not take the full 3 weeks.

However, I’m not apart of MS or IG. I’m just a dude who has experience with KI, and their release cycle.


Lol, don’t complain or else they won’t do anything about it. Sounds like sound logic…


I’m not saying don’t complain. I’m saying, don’t be mean about it. There’s no reason to call names when there’s a problem.


I’ve tried being positive, taken the time to enjoy the story aspect of the game, but when I managed to make a microtransaction through the game without a flaw that’s when the line was crossed. no SYNC error there, nope none at all, got my card pack with my items and power up’s, and they stayed in my account no problem. YET 8 DAYS IN AND STILL NO CHARACTERS %)@#$%@#$%@#Y$%@&$%&@$%)@$%@$%^ FOR ■■■■ SAKES I’m sorry for bashin on you but this is unacceptable


If I choose to vent my anger through forums they supposedly check, let me.


Lol good luck with that.


Thanks, I appreciate it, could use all the luck I could get!


To your first statement: I don’t expect details about what’s being done to fix it. maybe an official time frame. No one has so much as apologized for the inconvenience!

To your second it’s common sense really. The source is this forum and the number of people having this issue at $40 a head and yes, I am assuming only half the customers with this issue are in this forum.

How am I being rude? I’ve been refraining from being rude and I can show you the difference if you like. You think my posts are unfiltered? really? I never called anyone names. I said they are ignorant if they think there would be no repercussions. That’s an if statement. When I said their silence makes them cowards, I was simplifying what you said in your previous post. I expect anyone I do business with to have good communication with me until the transaction is complete. They are not being attacked for being helpful. I think it is painfully obvious that they are being attacked for the opposite.

I reported them to the Microsoft store as a misleading app and gave a description of the issue and copied a link to this thread.

People are justified in what they are saying. I respect you for what you are doing but honestly what do you expect?