Killer Instinct December tournament for Prizes and Money

And done. Keep a close eye on XBL and let me know if anything changes.

Idk if I can do that depending on the time I have stuff to do tommorow in the evening:sweat:
Those XBL issues were really annoying

If it doesn’t work out just give Galactic the win

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@hyperpyro12345 could I get a heads up when the next beginner or intermediate tournament rolls around? As I saw by my performance in tonights tournament, I still suck pretty bad, lol.

@ZTRAINOVER9000 do you forfeit then? because all i need is to get you, @SonicDolphin117 and @GalacticGeek to all be online on the same time then we can finish

If we aren’t online at the same time before I have to leave my house then yes I forfeit

Well Geek’s online and I’m ready to get on.


GGs to everyone.

And @hyperpyro12345 learn what “double elimination” means.

Well, I had fun.

Glad you did @FeverAyeAye and @hyperpyro12345 you should have stayed for the bracket reset

I would love to do this… But sadly i won’t be on. Can there be like a re schedule\ Second chance for people that didn’t get to do this???

Sign me up???

or at least the next tournament.

I had a blast. Next time though I think I should sign up for an intermediate league. Maybe if I’m someplace more my speed, I won’t come in dead last. But still has alot of fun. I really have no idea what kinda league that was bit with fighters like sonic, galactic, strain, DJ, and all the rest must have been a high rank.

@FR33ZINGPHO3NIX itd be awesome to have you just hit me up at my gamertag hyperpyro12345 and General you were awesome dude, it was no limits as in everyone was allowed, and it wasnt your fault, you just werent put up against people your speed, but there was only two of those in the tournament, but youll do better next time dude, just keep training :slight_smile:

Thanks man.

Steel tempers steel and all that. It’s good to play people better than you as long as you learn and don’t lose motivation from the losses. I had my first ever fighting game tournament (offline) 4 months ago and went 0-9 as it was a round robin tournament with 10 people. It was brutal, but I did learn a lot!

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I wanted to apologize for my bit of salt near the end - after last night’s snafu, I just had a bad morning leading up to it, and by the time we restarted the tournament, my heart was not longer into it. Still, the sauna my brother mentioned really helped, as did the nap I had right after. I’m now awake, well rested, and ready to start a whole new year.

GGs to @SonicDolphin117 and @ZTRAINOVER9000, both of whom bested me (with the latter even showing me simple, but effective tech that I don’t recall ever being hit by before FTW), and of course to @hyperpyro12345 who ran the whole shindig - I’m sure he learned a lot and the next 1 will be bigger and better than ever.

Also, 1st time I ever made 3rd place in a tournament, my highest standing yet.

Don’t feel sorry for feeling something, we all get a little bit salty at some point. BTW the fire ball is -6 on block(if you do block it)so punish away when someone does it.Ggs to you @GalacticGeek