Killer Instinct Console Skins/Decals?

I cant believe that no one makes a Killer Instinct themed Xbox one console Skin/Deal set. They are tons of skins available on Amzon, ebay, and online for Street Fighter (Which is strange because SF is not on Xone), Mortal Kombat, Halo, Witcher 3, and many more.

If anyone knows where i can get a Console skin with Killer instinct art…please let me know… Id like to get one.

Or a place that allows you to create your own and upload the graphics.

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I also want to know! I even would buy me a new xbox one that is killer instinct themed! I would be happy to pay 500 euros (dollars) for it. I am from Belgium (euro).
I made already a topic off that. Hope with the launch of season 3 there will be also a xbox one KI themed available. or at least some news about this.
We should get one, KI is a microsoft exclusive!
So a themed console is a must!!!

Anyway big thanks for making such an awesome game and cross fingers that there comes a themed killer instinct console!!!

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something like this?

sorry, but this is from Brazil.


I’d buy that so fast my wallet would spin on its corner.


You can create your own on certain sites. Not sure what the rules are for advertising, so I wont post the site. But here’s my custom skin.


Oh man…

Could you PM me the website? I’d love to stick a big fat Hisako on my Xbone.

That’s it!!! That’s the same set up pic I seen on amazon and ebay!!! But i couldn’t search a KI one!

thank you!

do you have the link??

here’s the link.:

and here’s a SABREWULF skin


This KI controller are really amazing! I think I’ll get that controller for Christmas.


I remember talking to @C88TexAce about skins for Xbox, and how he had some custom ones done. Tex, Do you know a site where we can get custom Xbox One Skins?

I have a dream controller design I always want. I will probably do it if I can do an XB1 elite controller skin. It looks like this.


Ive been on SKin it .com uploading KI art and making some cool ones! But SKin it doesnt do the sides of the console from what i can see so far.

Looks like you can just up load whatever you want really.

I think I am going to make my own!

I also messaged a guy on Ebay about making one.He said what a great idea, thanks, check back in 7 days.

His are much cheaper than Skin it and covers everything like the pics Scorch posted above. Hoping he makes some good ones before i order form skin it.

I think this is a great Xmas gift idea though!

Nice. I would like to order one from him. Does he do elite controllers? Not to sure about ebay though.

Ebay is cool man! Ive been buy stuff and selling for years! They have money back guarantees through Ebay. If your not satisfied Ebay returns your money.

This guy is from Georgia so in teh USA… the one posted up top is in Brazil so thats going to cost more and take longer. But Ive bought Killer instinct shirts from China and no issues…ebay is cool man.

I am fine with Ebay but my family isn’t. Also is it a sticker or something for the console because I don’t want another console. Controller is fine as long as it is an elite controller. I also got an awesome design for the console if you want to see.

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Yes its a Decal that comes off easily. (From what I understand) Ive never had one, but I would think its interchangeable…Ill check and see.

its def not another console LOL

Nice job! I used the vertical S2 artwork for mine.

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I love what you did with controllers and the Kinect! just awesome!
How much?? :wink:

He didn’t do that… its a link from a guy in Brazil that makes them

you can make your own at Skin or other sites. But currently no one in the US that i could find makes the KI skins that you can buy outright.

Search Ebay and Amazon and you might find a KI skin. But you can def make you own on SKin it…its just expensive!

Love to see this on a fight stick… My fight stick

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My elite controller came and I also just got my decal