Killer Instinct Console Skins/Decals?

I’d buy one. Would live to see more KI merchandise and accessories.

That is nice just got an elite controller where did you find this?

Where you get that???

@KevBones100 @CrimsonGhost119 I made the decal right here

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Thank you so much!

Awesome thank you will for sure be checking that out.

Hello, I could not find them, so I have created me, hope you like


WHOA!!! :thumbsup:

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how did you get a decal for the cooling vent?

Ii never posted mine even though I made this thread LOL…I need to up load the picture soon!

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Here is mine, I probably would have went with a different design and artwork…but my fiancee made this for a Xmas gift…the bottom of the front is tucked under the angled part of the Xbox and the Kinect decal was printed upside down so I did not appy it. The controller decals look cool but I did nt apply them either (Kan-ra and Glacius)
I may make a new one some day that is better, but for now Im fine with this one.


Here is the PS4 console skin she got me… it turned out really nice! I did not do the controller decals for this one either. I just don’t want my controllers with decals on them…plus they look really hard to put on perfectly.



That looks sick!!!

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For the cooling vent, you have to apply it over, cut with cutter on openings and fold and glue the cut side,sorry for the English, I’m Italian.

No she ordered it off Etsy…you can make them yourself on any of those Skin it type sites or there are several ppl on Ebay and Etsy that make them and sell them. Just got a search for it!

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More pictures of the console and all its sides please.

I might make my own on Decalgirl.

Looks cool dude!

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I would get a kinect solely for that decal.