Killer Instinct Community Tier List v1, 1-27-17 KI 3.6

We put some notes on this chart. We suggest you read all of them before taking in the data so you understand what you are looking at.

Killer Instinct Community Tier List v1 -
Graphic -
Details -
Special Thanks to The Hadou and all our version 1 contributors.


I was literally seconds away from posting this myself lol

Hope you guys get an interesting read from this :wink:


The tier list seems well balanced, imo. It’s time now to develop the meta and to research new techs.

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It was very fun being part of this, I would like to thank Keits and the rest of contributors for this project!

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Appreciate the effort, although it doesn’t say much except that KI must be a very well balanced game. No 7-3s at all?

While I’m disappointed at my main’s placement (Aganos) in regards to the rest of the cast, even though it’s actually not all that bad all things considered, it continues my trend of playing the underdogs in FGs. Knowing that I can do so well at such a high level in both KI, and in other FGs, means that I just get to keep a smile on my face as I continue having fun. :grin:

This matchup chart shows the medians of all the respondant’s opinions. If you click details you can also see averages.

Some of the contributors have 7-3s on their charts, and they may be right. But this chart represents the overall feelings of the entire contributing group, and not enough of them agreed on the 7-3s to make that appear on the results chart.

Those players can now try to convince the players who disagree of why they feel that way through discussion and gameplay and get them to change their opinions. Those changes in opinion will be reflected on the Version 2 chart coming at the end of February. We also hope to double the number of contributing players.

This is a discussion kickoff point. It isn’t fact, its feeling.


Great work by @TheKeits and all contributors. While it may not be fact this can still be very helpful to all players of KI.

All my characters are bottom tier though. Profound sadness. :sob::sob::sob:


Thanks for working so damned hard for your community, Keits. Lesser men would’ve fallen asleep on the calculator soooo many times.


I think the big differences between the Medians and Averages charts are very interesting. You can see and compare them if you click details.

Nothing surprising on this list. we almost knew for sadira and kan ra S3 but thank you to have make it obvious for everyone.
Now thats your job to make it look 5-5 for everyone in this game @TheKeits.
no more low ,mid or high tiers pls.

This is very cool and I like the graphic. It’s not the most beautiful thing in the world but it is clear and easy to access lots of information.

Now, I need folks to explain some of this to me. What did I miss that Kilgore is now top 5 and Thunder is now bottom 7.

Because this is a full matchup chart. Players stated how they thought thunder did in every matchup in the game, and then his total score was lower than people thought it would be. A chart like this forces you to really think about your gut and check it by diving a little deeper. Its a thought exercise.

What makes Kilgore top 5 and isn’t a little early to be judging him.

Thanks for that. I wasn’t being clear - I get how the math works and how the data was put together. I was just wondering if people could kind of “back translate” the analysis and tell me what they think the drivers are for these final arrangments. So, looking at Kilgore he has a 5.5 advantage over some strong characters like Jago (which I would like to hear more about) and then some 6 advantages over weak characters (which I get). Those big advantages over weaker characters definitely fluff his numbers a bit. But still seems a bit inflated.

Likewise Thunder. None of the swings are big, and of course this is reflected in the low variance (Thunder is only - 2.7 even though he ranks as the seventh weakest character). But the Thunder Glacius matchup is nearly a 4-6 in Glacius’s favor and I have a hard time believing that.

Beyond that, there’s only a couple of scores that don’t make sense to me. I don’t see how Spinal loses to Kan-Ra 4-6 considering he has a teleport. On the face of it that just seems out of whack.

None of this is criticism. I’m just hoping to facilitate some discussion by asking about things that interest me.

The math on this chart makes him in the top 5 scores.

The contributing players think he wins/loses the matchups listed on the chart.

Its never too early to judge, because none of this is a final ‘judgement’. Its a chart, based on current opinion, and new a one will come out next month that reflects next month’s opinions.


Perhaps you are misreading the chart? This chart says Spinal is 6-4 over Kan-Ra.


Lol, yup. That will do it. Mystery solved on that one.

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I think Omen v Spinal is 5-5. But that’s really it lol.

I don’t know everything about all the MUs in the game but it does feel right. Killgore’s MUs will change any day now.

I agree. I assume that “average” is mean and median is… median. For those who don’t remember their statistics, mean is just adding up all the numbers and then dividing by the number of scores. As a result, it weights everyone’s opinion on every character equally.

Median identifies a point where half of the answers are above and half are below. This can change the numbers, but it has an effect of diminishing extreme answers. This can remove outliers, but it can also (theoretically) diminish some real variance. What’s telling is that if the median and the mean are different, it suggests some people had strongly different matchup numbers.

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