Killer Instinct community statistics

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Well, quoting Mr. @tempuschaoti :

My question: some companies show their in game stats for their games, like these examples:

Could be possible to see something similar with KI? If yes, what would you like to see?

Examples(all this data are collected since the start of S3):

-Most used characters(maybe a ranking with all?)
-Total ranked matches played
-Total exibition matches played
-Counter breaker, combo breakers, lockouts, ultras, stage ultras performed
-Most selected stage(maybe a ranking with all?)
-Total people who owns Shago
-Total pro star earned, and a top 3 players with more pro stars.
-Most selected theme
-Shadow lab “shadows” created.



We’ve shared some of this already at various shows and announcements, but we’ll see if marketing wants to put an infographic together with some of the data.


Do you know how cool you are?


Awesome, you guys are the best :smiley:


That would be awesome. I would love to see most and least used characters and stages and all of that.

This furthers the idea that an opt-in tracking system for each player based on gamertag like the forums could be put together for accessibility purposes.

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For what it’s worth, I would love to hear some stats. The info graphic is nice but optional.

We have a lot of discussions on here about who does what and people (with only good intentions) say a lot of “most people” “everyone” and “always.” It would be really nice to have something to ground some of these discussions in.