Killer Instinct Character Survey

is this a Gauntlet reference?

I personally don’t hate him, but I am not a fan. Granted, IG I know could do a great job with him, but i’d rather see Eagle or a new character. To me, Eyedol was upgraded when the made his more powerful clone version in Gargos. (KI1 → KI2). Just my personal opinion.

I am hoping that it’s only 18% at max if you would let the poison set in the whole time and not off the bat…that’s a lot of damage for a projectile.

I would highly doubt they would give Eyedol this move unless it was tied to his instinct mode. Gargos didn’t get it, though so far only two characters, technically 3 if you count Mira, can gain back health. Jago and Arbiter.

I think that I made a mistake in doing my survey…I didn’t realized that cracked agent was a guest character because I didn’t know that was a game. My preference is Eagle first, the new troup idea’s starting with the magical archer, then the others. I honestly don’t know what a lovian creature or what ever it was called is. So hard to make an honest vote when you don’t understand what it is you are voting for. If anyone could elaborate? But I would put Eyedol, as much as I am not a fan above any new guest character. 3 in this season seems a bit much. But if we are talking about season 4, then that’s different.

Also could more light on what is meant by Sharkman, and ENT Aganos be explained. I already did the survey, but I didn’t know what it meant, so with some clarity, I might be able to rank them a bit better.

My recomendations not on the list were a “opponents theme” option when fighting, a sea creature (I like the moluska idea), or a galactic bounty hunter.

There are some very creative, yet extremely broken ideas in here. Some of them seem good, but definitely would need to go back to the drawing board.

Just because I hate when people don’t know something I can easily fix il tell you what I think what a lovecraftian is.

lovecraftian is a type of horror trope created by hp lovecraft that basicly shows that humans are not alone in the universe and are on the bottom of the food chain on the cosmic level. there are entities in the great abyss of space that exist on a level that we cant even comprehend that easily defy the observable laws of physics and nature that we have constructed for ourselves.

we cant see them, we cant stop them, we cant fight them nor can we reason with them. if we are ever allowed to see them its already to late for us and the only reason we are still alive is because we are so small compared to them we are beyond their notice…most of the time.

So basically a superior race of Alien? I am asking out of ignorance because I just don’t understand. So would Glacius count, and if not, what would be the difference between Glacius and a lovecraftian creature?

some really cool concepts. I think I like the current format with Shago…you need to have a supreme victory in order to perform a Ultimate.

As far as having a no mercy, I like the format in KI2/KI Gold where you gain access to the no mercy move once your opponent hits danger. This move will instantly kill if it lands but does no chip and has extreme recovery. Making it more of a high risk high reward move.

More like a higher being, it would be to us what we are to ants…

Would probably be even more powerful than Gargos though of they did it right.

Its looks fall out of our comprehension, hence the weirdness in its design, like we our brains cant make sense of it…

well its not like glacius more like gargus super saijan 20

if gargos was so powerful he existed on a nth dimension, another plane of existence such that it is impossible to see him and if he allowed you to look at him your eyeballs would melt and you would go insane.

if gargos mass DID NOT equal his volume time density, or any other laws of science we have created.

in fact this is more easyier imagine glacius is a space cop, gargos is a war seeking conquoror of various worlds a lovecraftian being is just literally space god.

cool…thanks for the explanation. Though seems like a being of that kind of power would actually be too powerful for the KI universe. Unless of course they did it in a way where it was a fallen lovecraftian, where it’s full powers were stripped until it fulfilled it’s purpose.

Well fo course a very series one. Maybe a lean sharkman that can use water abilities.

Yeah, Instinct would be the way to go…and only allow him to increase his health at max maybe 1/4 life bar, if you leave him alone.

And yes it was a Gauntlet reference.

I voted AF for Eyedol. If the guys give me a Halo Brute and not Eyedol, I will feel OFFEN’ED.


I really hope That people take the time to understand/read what the numbers mean in each question , becaue in some items 1 = First option , and in other items 5= first option.

1 or 5 should mean the same thing To all the quiestions . As this is now , it could make poeple choose wrong , asuming that numbers menas the same in all items.

Yeah I might have missed that, I hope I didn’t accidentally vote for the things I wanted the least lol

I thought the name Kelvin was clever consider Kelvin is for super heat like from Stars which is the absolute opposite of Glacius.

This, I noticed I was rating them wrong just in time, I’m sure some other people missed it aswell…

No More Guest!


Man Shadow Orchid sounds like the lamest choice ever. It only really works for Jago because the Ryu/Evil Ryu angle works for the protagonist.

Orchid needs her ‘Robo Ky’ counterpart. So like, Mecha-Orchid with chest missles