Killer Instinct at PAX Prime

Day 1 of PAX Prime 2015 is in the books, and it is an absolute blast. While not discussing anything major, Killer Instinct is still representing at the show.

Read the full article here:

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I can’t quite pinpoint why, but those pins are amazing.

Dat HK Smash;

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idk why I thought “on the Books” was hinting at another art book. hehe :sweat_smile:

Looks like a cool event, I hope all the attendees enjoys them self’s. :smiley:

Hopefully some info on Kim Wu, even concept art will do!

whens KIM WU

Seriously though. When’s Kim Wu?


The Riptor pins look great, I’d love to win one since I can’t make PAX. I would just need to figure out where to put it since I filled my season 1 book.

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I have all the other pins, so of course I need this one as well.

Riptors my main S2 character (well my only) would love to have something to show that off :smile:

Would love to win a Riptor pin to compliment my complete Pinultimate Edition!

Please tell us the progress of Shadow Jago, I’ve been waiting for him for far too long.

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Riptor pin looks awesome. Any new news coming from PAX for KI?

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Monday’s stream, someone will record it. yes?

There will be a stream Monday?

The article was written August 29th. It’s the 31st. The stream was supposedly yesterday. Everyone’s saying today though. We’ll have to just stay tuned to PAX and find out :stuck_out_tongue: . Also, I hope everyone’s having fun at PAX. It really looks like a blast, and the setups look amazing!

@rukizzel Did we miss the stream? :frowning: I thought it was today!

@SWkzero @RedMistKillZz @VergoVan

Hey guys, I did a little research and found a schedule on the PAX website. Killer Instinct is set to start at 2PM PST, so 5PM est.


any news at PAX?

Unfortunately, I ended up missing it still. However, judging from the lack of any news relating to KI, I don’t think anything was revealed that we don’t already know about.

I’m sure I’d set a record for losses trying to win one of the pins :wink: