Killer Instinct at PAX Prime

We’ll probably get some news on the 8th when rash leaves.

Hey, that’s me in the picture of that article!

…well, HK’s head is blocking me, but I cosplayed Attack on Titan, and you can see it there :slight_smile: Dude ran a TRAIN on me, haha. I got a couple decent hits, but I didn’t even take his green health bar down. He was good without being condescending, which was nice. TJ Combo and Maya are two characters I don’t have much experience fighting against, so I didn’t really know what to do. He gave me some pointers on the last day, cool dude. I ended up playing against the entire team that was at the Astro Gaming booth throughout the course of PAX, had a great time. Thanks for putting up with me, guys! :smiley: Next year though, my Hisako will be ON POINT.

Hey question: What arcade sticks were we using at the Astro Gaming booth? I loved those, looking to pick one up for myself but I can’t seem to find it anywhere online…

Those were Razer Atrox Fight Sticks