Killer instinct Arcade at Dave & Busters

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Hear me out guys!

Killer instinct 2013 Arcade machine at Dave & Busters. With all Characters from seasons 1 to 3, all colors, all costumes, and all the Fun in one! With the machine having Big Speakers yelling C-c-c-c-Combo Breaker and having the players lining up for a chance get the Fight on!


this picture just samples what it would look like!


Are you making this and suggesting or you seen one at DB?

its just a random Picture i found on Goog images

Isn’t that @WrathOfFulgore 's arcade cabinet? I remember him posting in a thread about this sometime ago.

Edit: Yup it sure is.

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I think Round 1 would be a better fit, but D&B sure why not?

If an arcade release ever becomes a reality. MARKET IT LIKE CRAZY! Release it in places like Japan where the scene still thrives.

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What’s with the two extra buttons beneath the kick buttons? They’re right where you’d place your palms.

Those sticks + buttons give me some painful flashbacks to how I learned 3rd Strike.

Yep, that’s my arcade cabinet. Nice to see it’s making its rounds on the internet. :grin:


At Galloping Ghost Arcade, they actually put an Xbox One inside an arcade cabinet that they put together for it. I played it there a few times. Crap, I wish I’d taken a picture of it! They wound up taking it down because they decided not to keep an Xbox One running for so long.

But yeah, seeing this game, fully complete in the arcade would be amazing. I’d love that!

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Im suggesting it, i didnt make the arcade thing