Killer Instinct 3 (Coming Soon)

It’s so hard to say, if this is a leak, this is huge.

What I find interesting about this survey:

-KI is already a play anywhere title (why would this say coming soon?)

-Season 3 has been out for a while, and why would the survey reference add-on content rather than the game in it’s entirety?

-Technically, the older games did finish off with KI2.

-This is straight from xbox, which I would like to think is a credible source…

OK im done sleuthing. I didnt find any more about this, but i found other interesting things…

Microsoft DIDNT HAVE THE RIGHTS to name the game “Killer Instinct” until TWO MONTHS before it’s reveal. That means the game was in development for a very long time, and no one even knew if they would get to CALL it “Killer Instinct”!

Also, i found some strange “Fishyness” with developer statements.

A Rare employee said in an interview that they wanted to bring back Killer Instinct, but there were “Licensing Obstacles” and that they didnt receive enough support to push through those obstacles.


Microsoft applied for the renewal of the “Killer Instinct” Trademark just a MONTH before he made that statement. :thinking:

I’ll go ahead and admit that i dont know anything about this stuff, so i am probably dead wrong, and there is much more to this.

But this is what i got so far :stuck_out_tongue:


It was probably just an error imo, it wouldn’t make sense to call the sequel KI3 when technically this version we have would be KI3. If anything the sequel would be named KI2(probably not to avoid confusion) or KI something.

Last I will drone on about this:

You got a straight answer. Whether or not you choose to accept that the simplest answer is most often the correct one is up to you.

“But it came from Xbox.”

Do you know how many folks work with Xbox in some way, shape, or form? Thousands. Maybe even 10,000. You think we all work in that sort of hive mind cohesion? Pffft. I don’t even know what the person across the hall is working on.

So without wasting any more breath I will tell you that this was an oversight on some random person’s behalf. No idea who, but clearly they have no insight as to what’s going on in our world.


The cover up is real.


Now I really don’t believe you. :wink:


idiosyncrasies intensifies

Would rukari really come here and confirm something that hasnt even been “officially announced”?? No, he wouldn’t. That doesn’t necessarily mean ki3 is real either. I’m just saying only time will tell. But don’t keep your hopes up Too high.

Nah I reckon if it was real Rukari either wouldn’t respond to it OR they would just close the thread and file it under the rule of ‘no leaks real or fake’

It’s like when the beam stream asked us ‘What do you want to see in KI Season 4’, for all we know it’s a work experience lad who wasn’t in the know and got told to put something out to engage the Xbox community. It doesn’t seem like the place an accidental leak would happen.

Ha ha. People do the same thing to my wife. When they hear where she works they go “oh do you know this person”. She gets mad. She tells me “I don’t know everyone in my own department, I don’t get why people think I know everyone that works there”.

LET US DREAM! ahhahah

Usually, I will let the dream roll on. But there are times where I will nip things in the bud before they get out of hand - or at least provide a definitive answer that’s very clear and to the point before the rumor mill gets rolling too much.


Sure man, I understand, I was just joking :grinning: It is a bit sad though, many of us would loose our minds over a sequel :joy:

Would a Killer Instinct 3 bring it’s gameplay straight to it’s roots? Would be unbelievable have the same the same experience I had back at KI classics. Don’t get me wrong. I like the new gameplay but sometimes it differs a lot from classic gameplay. Feels like KI EX if you know what i mean.

A sequel wouldn’t necessarily have to change the gameplay drastically. Different genre but look at modern warfare and modern warfare 2. Actually, look at cods from a few years back. They kept the core mechanics and added little extras. They broke record sales back in those days lol

I guess a 4th season could be sorta like a sequel. Adding more content and tweaking what’s already in the game. At this point, I just don’t want the franchise to disappear again. Xbox doesn’t have many exclusives to begin with. Can’t let this one die out.


we are technically playing KI3, i wouldnt hold your breath folks. just wait for an official announcement about what is next from MS and IG. theres something on the horizon after we get the next fighter ill wager though, just dont know what. a new game? unlikely

Hopefully a massive network rewrite, and bug fix.

Please excuse me while I go wash my eyes.


Please be more clear.