Killer Instinct 1994-1996 Remake/Reboot

No more KI season 4 sequel

They should include the older games in the new killer instinct

please vote here for xbox feedback

You’re going to have to be a bit more clear in what you want here. They have already included Xbox one ports of the original arcade games with the Ultra Edition of S1 and S2. So what is it that you are asking for?

But isn’t the current iteration of KI already a remake/reimagining of all previous KI games combined? It sounds to me like you’re being redundant, asking for something we actually already have.


Sounds like you want to go retro…

OP, are you saying that you’d rather see the old KI games remastered with modern graphics? Is that what you’re getting at here?

Personally, I don’t see why that would be needed, as we already have the old games, they still play just fine, so why take the time to put a new coat of paint on them? I’m fairly certain that the vast majority of people that wanted those games back got what they wanted when those old games were rereleased on Xbox One.

Personally, I want season 4. If that’s not happening, then I’d like a brand new sequel to this current KI game.

I would agree.

And also OP Personally; if they keep the gameplay I’m fine with that, aesthetics? I’m fine with that but none of that crappy charge move BS that the OLD KI games did for some characters.

Although, I’d much prefer a KI4. with more mixture and blending of KI1, KI2 and this KI. The KI that acknowledges and respects all KIs

@Iago407 he may be someone who wanted KI to be JUST LIKE the old games with the characters and tones, likely the whole “not dark enough” crowd who wanted to leave KI2013 for dead on arrival, even though there was a chance we’d never get a new KI at all.

On the OTHER hand I could be making a horrendous assumption without it being more clear.

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hmm…this just gave me a topic idea.

Heres what 1994 remake should have.

-Better gameplay (the original arcade game was great but this can make it better)
-All the characters from KI-1 and KI-2
-Custom Colors

Thats just a few, though I still enjoy this current KI game.


I just had a horrific thought - this guy is making a formal request via Xbox Use Your Voice (the official feedback source to MS) to NOT have a KI S4 OR sequel!

We need to crush this ignorance and quick, because if it catches on, it could mean the doom of this entire community’s future - and the last thing I want is to lose it from something stupid simply because it “caught on” and got enough votes… Please login to your XBL account on his linked site and rather than voting for it, I’d like for you to flag it as inappropriate, because 1) it is, and 2) since it’s an absolutely redundant request, 3) completely unnecessary, and 4) potentially destructive to getting a S4 or a sequel.

We want a new gen killer instinct AAA title, They should include some characters and combo system from original ki like no mercies, ultimates. we disapointing some characters and combo system… We don’t like Tj Combo, TJ Combo is not the original killer instinct…

no, i didnt say retro or indie game… we want a new gen killer instinct with AAA title. No more seasons DLC

A complete rewrite?
I just hope they don’t make it pay to play and charge
a flat fee. That whole pay to play with intent to slowly
bleed peoples banks accounts has to go…

Who’s WE exactly? you my freind, can only speak for yourself.

Persoanlly I like the combo system it’s fun as all heck and great gameplay. KI 1994 was great but the game had glaring flaws. All my bro and I did in that game at least when we knew how to play was hold back until someone was brave enough to come in and attack.

Incase you’re curious; we’re getting Ultimates already they’re pretty much on the way now. I wonder if you’re one of the people that wanted KI 2013 to die and possibly ruin any possibility of their ever being a KI game.

It’s safe to assume when we get the next KI game it’ll likely have some AAA title etc.

If you want a remake with the same combo mechanics as the old KI you DO wanna go retro.

In that instance I’d much prefer if the aestetic was closer or more of a mix of all three KIs with alt costumes reflecting each part.

Lemme say this Deaf, do you have a full grasp of the combo mechanics of the old KI? I’ve played it a few times but I have to say that the 1994 has flaws in it’s combo mechanics:

FIRSTLY-Combo breaker system=While the way you do things are different the fact that you have to input a directional button and press the proper punch button (which doesn’t really match the strength of your opponent’s combos) you’ll likely be eating a combo more than anything. KI 2013 simplifies this by just pressing two buttons but instead of worrying about execution you get to focus on the overall observation and THEN break and that would be from making good reads, or predictions based on your foes habits. Now while the breakers are easier to do the use of counter breakers can pevent combo breakers and from their on you get free damage.

SECONDLY certain characters don’t have good game-plan beyond some of their tools: Take Cinder for example. Your only effective if (really the most effective tool) is Traiblazer, the move is great in speed and all but ONE drawback. If you’re figthing an opponent who understands to wait for an oppurtunity to block and punish Cinder is easy to beat in this way. Other moves like Inferno are TERRIBLE because it’s slow on execution, slow on start up and slow on recovery where you’ll be whacked just for doing it when you don’t mean to. So beyond just traiblazer and moves that are, for the most part inpractical like invisibility (because your aura gives you away all it does is look cool) Cinder is one example of characters that have only one decent move. While yes KI 2013 Cinder isn’t as easy to play as his old counter part. At least his other tools like his inferno are more improved and more useful. His trailblazer move gives you different methods of approach and with the right bit of practice you can get good with his tools. Just ask any Cinder players on the forums and you’ll learn a few tricks or two.

Thirdly (everyone mostly plays the same) Everyone has a projectile save for Combo, and everyone can do a rush down, the projectiles all generally do the the same thing, go from left to right and don’t go at angles or anything beyond just zoning, no anti-air potential, yadda-yadda but obviously this was an old game so I can forgive some parts of it. KI 2013 has expanded on the roster not just in visuals but in gameplay.

Unless youv’e actually played KI2013 yourself I’d rather you not suggest the next game throw out the good parts of the gameplay 2013 made but rather I’d suggest KI4 improves uppon this as well as (from the get go) have Ultimates, and aestetics that place the old fans that came to love KI 2013, also find a way to appeal to the old fans who wanted to leave 2013 in the dust, and also the new fans etc.

If it weren’t really for the graphics I think KI 2013 COULD of been a AAA title but even if it isn’t it’s still an amazing game and at least the gameplay and everything is (in my opinion) way more fun than any other fighter with supposed better graphics.