Killer Insight: GutterMagic

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Much respect to Gutter, he is a really humble guy and does what is key in games that is sometimes lost in the competitive scene, to have fun. Gutter may have lost at 17 but he still enjoyed the event and by the sounds of it had a blast attending.

I have always admired Gutter for his resilience and tenacity during his matchups. Plus it is great to see a Season 1 veteran that isn’t Sadira make it high up. All around awesome guy.

I encourage you guys to check out his stream sometime, he really does mean it when he says he will do ft5 with his subs and followers and provide great feedback, it is also cool to watch him tear up people with the Dual Axe Wielding Killer-Native.

YES! Love this guy and what he does! Always a major help to the community and he loves it immensely. He has even given me advice on how to improve my Jago play! Shout outs to the Big Chief himself!

Can’t wait to see what he does with Thunder in Season 3!

I love watching Gutter play, and it’s wonderful to see what a threat my favorite character can be in the right hands. A very considerate, professional player.

Great choice for an Insight article!

I’ve seen his name pop up at tourneys I’ve watched, so it’s cool to put a personality to the name and the face since don’t think I’ve ever talked to him before. He seems like a really cool guy.

Great suggestion about the replays as well. I’d love it if there was some sort of archive (either tourney matches or online-ranked or something along those lines) accessible in game that connects to a server of stored matches so you could really see what the better players do, how they beat certain strategies with certain characters etc.

I know it wouldn’t be doable, but it’d be pretty amazing if these could be cataloged by character in certain categories based on what a player might look for in top tier information.

Sorry, back on topic! Hope to see Gutter play some more matches. I should really give his stream a watch some time, no doubt.

On of my favorites in Ki. Great stuff gutter magic :slightly_smiling:

Great stuff dude, hope to see you go far in season 3.