Killer Insight: Grant "Tswagg" Gibson

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Great interview. It’s cool to see someone that wasn’t a fan at all during that EVO demo who’s now been converted to a devoted fan.

Can I be another “youth KI member?” I’m 16 years old :slight_smile:

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Actually, we really do have a lot of Young players, but I really can’t talk like I’m older. At the time of this writing, I’m only 20. Lol.

LOL CONVERTED LIKE A BOSS. I guess he really didn’t like it at first, but KI Does that to you.

20! You’re still a pup! :smiley: I’m 36. :stuck_out_tongue: Though I still look like I’m under 25… :smiley:

You’re still young. Don’t talk like you are older, even though you are :laughing:

PFFFFFTTT! All of you are older than me because I’m in my mom’s womb! LOL

I’m 94. Any who can’t believe swag is so young and got so far. Props to this kid

0.0. I am 13. Well awesome interview as always.

Tswaggg is awesome. I remember being so excited for him when he got Top 8 at Evo. People in chat were mocking him a bit for getting emotional, but here was this young kid, kicking folks in KI and making Top at Evo. Great interview! Definitely one of the best representatives of this awesome community! <3

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I agree to that 100 percent

Ceazy good Sadira. Good read this interview. Shows that someone can definitely pick up the game, love it and become good enough to place Top 8 amongst some of the best.