Killer Insight: ChereeZ

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I love her passion and enthusiasm for KI! It is always a joy when you can tell a player truly loves the game they are playing. She is 100% right about the community too. I just got the game in December and I don’t think a single question I have asked on this site has gone unanswered, they always seem more than happy to give you advice/tips when it comes to anything KI :slight_smile:

KI community is just way too stronk. Keits pls nerf immediately.


I to enjoyed the piece, she’s definitely passionate/enthusiastic about the game. The message of friendship she sends out to any future KI players and members of the community is powerful to newcomers as well.

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more proof that the KI community and it’s players are the best!!! Especially anyone who mains Sadira :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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Another great interview!! It just seeps emotion! Very glad she was able to make it out to the World Cup. I never get tired of hearing accounts of how great our community is! Lol. I’ll have to check out this vblog she mentioned. Thanks again for supplying such killer insights!

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ChereeZ seems really genuine. However, a message to her - don’t be afraid to take on endorsements, affiliations or sponsorships! As long as you use them to bring attention to those other players you feel deserve it, you are doing the right thing and blazing a trail.


ChereeZ seems like the type that takes pride in her spirituality. Someone forgot to tell her that Sadira is an evil ■■■■■.

Chezza as i call her lol is amszing

I wish she was in ki lol

Sadira is he.ll lol

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cool read :slight_smile:

ChereeZ is an incredible person. I got to meet her in person at the World Cup, and she is amazing. Her passion for the game and her relentless drive to be true to herself is inspiring and wonderful. It’s contagious! I’m seriously glad she’s a part of our community and has become such a big fan.

I can identify with h some things she wrote =) I love that passion and I share it. Though I have passion for two X1 games right now seeing KI back while listening the theme “the End” almost makes me cry and at the same time I’m smiling.

I used to play the origjnal arcade druing a very hard time in my life, the game helped me to go on, in different ways. Being back to KI feels strange and familiar at the same time. I’m not the same player or even the same person, but there’s something still in me that connects me to it and that will never be lost or forgotten. And that music…Gosh, it’s so powerful and nostalgic and it gives me hope altogether.

Thanks ChereeZ for sharing your story. And I don’t want to brag or anything, but we, KI women, are amazing n_n Lol

Cheers! =D

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Wow, people like this make me excited for KI’s future and really kind of typify how I see the community as a whole; friendly, helpful and enthusiastic.

It’s cool to see another person that wasn’t initially convinced that played it and was converted. Sometimes I feel like I’m trying to get people to sign up for KI whenever I talk to people about it or tell the why I like it so much, like I’m an advocate lol. So to see anyone say “I played it and I was hooked” is always really cool.

Great interview. She seems like a really cool person. The more people like this in the KI family, the better!

Believe it or not, I have heard from tons of friends, that More Females than Males are playing KI. Now, though that may be just a Rumor, (as we all know the internet and Online Gamers are a Sea of Men LOL)
I think it’s cool more girls are playing. Shows that they don’t care, and play what they want. :smiley:

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Lol, yes, I’ve been doing it for a long time. BTW, would like to play with you someday, Jagos MUs are never the same to me XD

Haha! Sure! One day. It will be fun!

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Super late as always on reading these community spotlights, but was a good interview. I have to say, I really respect that she turned down the sponsorship offers because she didn’t feel her play was to the level it should be to warrant such an offer. Not just a pretty face indeed. :slightly_smiling: