Killer Insight: bastfree from France

Discuss this week’s Killer Insight with Bastien “bastfree” Bernard Below

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Pardon my French. :wink:

Great interview!

Sorry to hear about your mom tho. My dad passed away suddenly a week before last Christmas, so I feel your pain on that, no doubt. It’s a horrible thing to try and comprehend or get through or get past or whatever we do to move along, but I’m really glad that you found an outlet in KI and it sounds like you’re doing some awesome stuff with the KI community in France. Hope you enjoyed your trip to my neck of the woods (Chicago). Best of luck in future tourneys, man!

bastfree is a super awesome guy, very genuine and friendly. Glad he’s a part of our scene!

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Here here! I’m with this one 100%

Firstly, bastfree is awesome. His entire perspective is just golden, anyone who puts a basic scientific curiosity above all the posturing and hysterics that go on in the FGC has my respect as a given. Also as someone whose first “serious fighter” is KI2013, I can relate to his experience – although he’s put in a lot more work than I have.

But secondly, there’s some stuff at the end here. I think opinions on breaker xx instinct range from a resounding “meh” (in my case) to “get that ■■■■ out of the game”, but bastfree’s ideas on the outcome of a successful breaker are another matter entirely. My gut (and by “my gut”, I mean throwing some figures I pulled out of my arse into a payoff matrix and hitting “solve”) says that even off of a hard knockdown, most characters are struggling to get 5% out of oki on average. On the other hand, I can see how Kan-Ra and Glacius do well off of their breakers – but also, archetypally they need mechanisims with which to create space, and that combo was probably opened up close, which is a situation where these characters are expected to be at a disadvantage.

But I’m just rambling, and bastfree might have a point.

I’m probably going to make some suggestions about the combo system when I have my data together, but so far I’m only thinking about subtle things: the purported KV increase may help capitalize on lockouts, it might be a good idea to disable counter breaker inputs during lockout, etc.

Loving these Killer Insight interviews! Keep them coming! <3

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