Killer Cuts!


The US seems to be out of stock (means nothing according to twitter). The UK one is fine.



it’s fixed!


…and it’d down again. I think they got flooded…lol.
edit: back up


I was having trouble at first too but its good to go now.

Now we play the waiting game lol


They look derpy as hell but I like that about 'em.


@rukizzel Can us poor shlubs who can’t go to Evo and buy them at least get some high-res versions of the cover art to gawk at?


Has anyone heard any news about when these records are supposed to be shipped out? Last I heard it was supposed to be some time this month.

You know, ordering this album has inspired me to start a vinyl collection…well, that and Hastings goong out of business and being able to snatch up a bunch of records for dirt cheap. I probably have close to 10 or 12 now, not including Killer Cuts.
Now all I need is a record player…lol.


I actually ordered all three copies. I wanted to give one to a friend for a birthday present back in September, but the shipping just kept getting more and more delayed. The website says mid-November, but at this rate who knows?


These seriously haven’t released yet? Wow.


I think initally they had said end of October near the end of September (?) They had pushed it back, but I’m not too certain about it.


Forgot to mention, but I got a notification in the mail that my Killer Cuts record is on it’s way. I finally got a record player too, so I’ll be able to do more than just stare at it.


That’s pretty cool, still disappointing how long they ended up taking.

Almost killed the buzz of getting it, at least it did for me.


Since they are finally releasing I thought I’d share this:

This guy’s channel has a lot of good tips & such for record care. I’ve been checking it out for quite some time, because I was a young kid the last time I had anything to do with records. His video about Crosley brand record players is in particular enlightening.

Seriously though, his channel has been pretty helpful.


Mine’s here!!

The colors look a little washed out in the pic…it’s because it has a reflective finish on it. From what I understand the Spinal and Saberwulf records don’t have this issue.

The record itself is a bit thicker than my other records too, and as such heavier as well. My guess is the weight helps the record play more…what am i trying to say…accurately every time…less outside variables affecting sound quality. Speaking of which, there is definitely an improvement in sound quality. It’s not monumental, kinda like the difference between going from a 720hd to 1080hd screen. It’s hard to describe honestly. Anyway, it’s awesome!

I would like to know what posessed them to make the Fulgore records puke green though.

Also…on the record Controlling Transmission leads immediately into Oh Yeah, no gap…which is one of those things that is just a nitpick, but considering the cd always had a gap it’s just irritates. I’ll add other comments as I listen.

…ok the locked loop “C-c-c-combo breaker!!” perhaps is supposed to be cool, but for some reason the “er” part of “breaker” sounds more like break -ER!! …it’s rather irritating.

“Freeze” sounds exceptionally better…it brings out a lot of the mid-range beats in the song.

…wish I could say the same for “Tooth & Claw”…for some reason, and I’ve had this issue on other records as well, sustained organ notes sound just plain awful…they fluctuate too much. It may just be my record player though…it’s just a cheap $40 player…the motor on it may be the cause of the fluctuation.

And finally, the humiliation track sounds nice as well.

…OMG, the brass on Ya Ha Haa…:ok_hand:


I’m excited to get my copies. One was supposed to be a birthday present for a friend way back in September.


I just got my Killer Cuts 12" Fulgore Vinyl and Killer Scratches vinyl today!
Still, 5 months for a pre-order to show up. C’mon.
Also, shame on the marketing for not giving the details on the track listing for Killer Scratches Vinyl, as I do not see any Shadow Jago V1 voice samples. I would have loved to have: “I’m afraid your Path Ends Here”, and, “Endokuken”!

Killer Scratches track listings:
Traditional Side (A)
Killer Instinct
Welcome/Fight On
Blaster Combo
King Combo
Brutal Combo
Super Combo
Triple Combo
Get it On!
Break it Down
Game Over

Skipless Side (B)
Nunchuck Lazer
Eat This
The Punches
Combo Breaker
Awesome Combo
The Punches Part 2

Made in CZ

Pics here:!AoEL_1PK3DcLgjGan7O5_8UI5bOb!AoEL_1PK3DcLgjCCdDXmcbaiF2Sb


Thanks for posting the tracklist! I was wondering what the “Scratches” were myself. But now I understand - and that’s why there are no Shadow Jago or any of the new game’s voice samples. I believe these are the sound and voice samples of the original arcade games (note that “Super combo” no longer exists, “Get it on!” was said by Cinder before performing a Humiliation, as was “Break it down” by TJ, and “Nunchuck Laser” was said by Kim Wu as was “Eat this” by TJ in KI2).
But yeah, a bit of detailed info disclosed in advance would have been nice.


Maybe they will do a Killer Instinct 2013 Season 2 Scratches Vinyl with the voice samples of Shadow Jago one day? Also, it should have bee offered as a digital download. I might have to just make my own Shadow Jago v1 voice samples mp3s for Serato DJ.


Nunchuck laser was the real line?