Killer Cuts!

“Such a feeling, Such a feeling, Such a feeling, Killer feelinggggg”

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Hmmmmm interesting…

You have to go to EVO in order to get it? That’s a shame for me.

You’ll have to place your order during EVO weekend. Not be in attendance :wink:

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No Jago cut though. :sob:

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nice item but what the hell do I do with a vinyl lol

price? I’ll probably buy it anyays

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I understand now what they are going for with the claymation designs, & the replication & such is really unique…

…but damn those are some fugly album covers…

…I mean that with the utmost respect to the guys that made them, because if they were made to look like they are our of a 1930’s claymation film, that’s the look they were going for.

…and oddly enough they made Fulgore’s head look better than his retro…

So uh… Do I get put in the drawing only once? Or can I purchase multiple for many chances?

Oh, even better :smiley:

For claymation, it is relatively well done. That said, some things like Wulfs upper face and Spinals teeth look goofy. But, the art isn’t final and I’m sure they will get it done.

Otherwise, they aren’t terribly ugly by any means.

[quote=“oTigerSpirit, post:10, topic:12158”]
Otherwise, they aren’t terribly ugly by any means.
[/quote] I was mostly joking with the fugly bit…


only in US store is “in” for search section…
nope for Europe?

Beyond hype! Awesome work to all involved.

You can get a digital vinyl player from many places. Its a regular record player but it hook sup tot your PC via USB, it plays out your PC speakers and you can RIP tracks from the record to your PC just like you would a CD

I have one…its really cool and its only about 40$

Ill look for a link

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This is the one I have…its 62$ at best buy. they have a cheaper one that looks like a suit case for 52$. Pretty cool to have if you have old records lying around from your parents or interested in collection Vinyl records.


Dammit I had other stuff to buy

You can buy it from the US store.
The only difference is the shipping price and the risk customs will charge you some extra €€€.

thanks for your info/ansower. :slight_smile:
they send on EVERY place of europe?:neutral_face:

I’m from Belgium and they shipped to me before.

You can try adding something to your cart on the site and check if they ship to your country.

A sure buy would have been KI 1/2 & seasons 1-3 all packaged together.

Happy buying to those who want it

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