Killer Cuts!


I wish I could get the Spinal puppet…


So you can’t choose between Spinal and Wulf? Its just random unless I buy 2 copies? That’s kind of lame. I guess ill roll with the Fulgore edition since I at least know what cover I am getting.


I’ll have to see if my parents still have any of their records. My dad used to have Queen’s News of the World…the robot on the artwork always creeped me out…

Also I remember having the audio track of Frosty’s Winter Wonderland, if anyone’s ever seen it…just imagine watching the show with your eyes shut…same experience.


By 7/17? That’s my B-Day!

Anyone fancy getting me a present? :smiley:


That’s also my sister’s birthday so…maybe?


I had that frosty record!!! lol… I have my dads old Queen records too!


Wow…maybe we’re the same person. :wink:

(We’re not actually, people)


is any of this going to be at evo this weekend ? I mean inside the event


Oh, wow- The artwork on these is fantastic! I’d have a tough time picking between Sabrewulf & Spinal, but since it’s random to begin with, it wouldn’t matter anyway! :skull: / :wolf:

Such a cool idea!




Hey, to a 3-year-old, that thing is the stuff of nightmares…


On the homepage

“The soundtrack to the original Killer Instinct is the most epic fighting game soundtrack ever produced”

I agree. This and also SF Third Strike rock. Certain Capcom crossovers also have very captivating tunes, IMO.

Lol, I bought this for my wife last year. Never realized that I would have a need for it too. There are different models, so make sure yours has a headphone jack. Cheapest models save on small features like that.


I have the cd versions of KI 1/2 but only the digital of the season 1 edits (with ki1 yet again) and season 2 edits (with ki2 yet again)- I really want to use ki2 music for practice along with the still shots of ki2 stages as seen in the current practice mode.
Wouldn’t THAT have been a great enticing feature of the’definitive’

‘Exclusive DLC code for KI 2 stage stills for use in practice mode! Gold STAGE SKIN!’

600 million sold overnight


I think you’re on the wrong thread XD


So I am…huh…well with all the fiddle faddle foo going on right now guess I got turned around somehow.


So, anyone manage to preorder the Fulgore one ? I keep refreshing the page since 9AM PT and I can’t buy it.

Nevermind, that’s good now. 44 $ for me.


I’m getting the same


Yeah whats the deal lemme get my fulgore!


damn mine says sold out?! anyone else getting this?