Kilgore + New Alt Thunder = Eagle?

I have a theory that with the introduction of Kilgore (non cyborg Fulgore, absence of Eagle) & the new alternate for Thunder, that we may see Eagle be the next character in Feb… the new alternate look for Thunder could be the basis for an entire theme for pre-captured Eagle, and bringing an pre-eagle Fulgore could lead to having him as a character all to himself, this would also make for a great addition to the story… Eagle whooped Kilgore, but fell to UT numbers game, and Aria combined Eagle & Kilgore to create Fulgore…



I pretty much thought the same thing. It makes the most sense. In a way it’s like foreshadow.

Also, the fact that they keep referencing potential damage with the abbreviation “PD” can’t be a coincidence either.

…everyone refers to potential damage as PD lol it’s the most obvious abbreviation to use when the need to shorten the word potential damage arises

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You sure?

Real talk with the release of the first KI charecter to predominantly have gun play in his play style I don’t see much hope for a gun toting spy

Gatling guns are automatic. What about semi-auto? If your suspicions were true, then after Arbiter there should’ve been no more gun slingers. Plus Joanna Dark is more pistol associated as well as having technological gadgets at her disposal. And after Fulgore, then Aria, there should’ve been no more robots.

I could easily see Eagle and Joana Dark taking the last spots. However, something gives me the feeling they will do something Shadow Lords related. Perhaps adding Sol Dakuri (whose hammer is a shadow lords item).


Funny enough that is the type of gun arbiter uses

It’s not robots theme that I’m looking at but weapons/playstyle. Zoning with gunfire is definitely apart of kilgores play style and it’s hard to imagine the very next characters to be revealed to also use guns with a zoning play style

I know, I was talking about Arbiter. His rifle is semi-auto. And well Joanna Dark can be more focused on gun kata and her gadgets. Like I said, pistols and fully automatic gatling guns are very different. The fundamental aspect of zoning is still there, but there can be variations to it.

I don’t see happening, all of the three new characters will likely be remixes of existing characters. Kilgore was the start, the others will likely be things like that or from the community survey list. I don’t see any fully fleshed out characters coming from this.

We’ll probably see Shadow Orchid, TJ combo sharkman or “Kelvin” the rushdown Glacius. Or something like that, something for them to start with and build off of, not something that takes full development like a real character.

You’re kidding, right? Did you see Kilgore coming prior to his reveal in the Xbox store? Was that even a choice on the survey?

What are you talking about? Does that statement have any relation to my post? Kilgore is a remix, not an original design.

You mentioned the likelihood of the next characters being remixes of existing characters and you mentioned the survey. I was challenging the credibility of what you were theorizing since I don’t recall Kilgore even being an option on the survey. Yet Joanna Dark was the number one requested character after Eyedol who technically doesn’t count since he was already being developed.

It doesn’t matter if Kilgore was on the survey, he’s a remix character. The survey was packed with remix characters, Kilgore is probably just the first as a test to see how he does before they release more of them. I don’t see them dumping full character resources into a post season character right now, yeah I could be wrong but I’m betting the other two will also be remixes.

I just don’t want to see anyone get their hopes up that they’ll see Joanna, Eagle or any other fully featured character from this mini-content update.

I’d say eagle would be a mash-up of Thunder and Fulgure with some unique traits… like thunder sprite with the fully re-imagined tribal theme, a few similarities from Fulgure (very few) like maybe where Fulgure need 's thrusters to levitate and dash forward and the teleporting aspect, and somewhat similarly how Thunder does those basic moves in an alternate fashion, Eagle could have a been the originator of that style, but with a fully developed teleporting effect, like more of a time lapse trait, kind of like a grappling, semi rushdown, nightcrawler (X-men), but close to the effect that Fulgore has before teleporting just with less effort and a quicker response…
I doubt my explanation matches my vision but their are more than enough tools for them to create an almost completely new set of traits and tools for a character that would have two distinct influences at least…

Think about it, that’s exactly what Kilgore is, there much of Fulgure ofcourse, but theres also some Arbiter, Tusk, maybe Cinder, but he still looks and feels unique enough to not be a Fulgore rip off or alternate skin

They did well, and I believe can pull off an Eagle, I think the new characters week all tie into the SL developing story some way, somehow…

Either way, maybe not this season, but Eagle is coming, I don’t think ask that work to be more accurate about Thunder and his design was just that, I believe it is a warm up for Eagle…

If they presented Eagle as a remix of Thunder/Fulgore I’d be happy, more so Fulgore but now that we have Kilgore the likelihood of that his minimal. I’d say he should borrow more from Fulgore because Fulgore’s fighting style is supposed to be directly copied from Eagle’s “fighting spirit” and whatever.


True story, hey at very least they have us making a conversation of it, and we can’t lose no matter which one of us is right, more content is headed our way and it feels awesome

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Exactly, I’m glad they’re finally listening. We’ve been begging for all this “extra” stuff forever.

Sounds like you’d like that idea I posted a few months ago about Eagle gameplay discussion. :stuck_out_tongue:
But on topic, Eagle’s return seems inevitable. When he shows up (either as part of this batch, in S4, or in a sequel however long from now) is still a mystery, but I’m gunning for soon. It seems incredibly likely.


BINGO!!! i has the same theorie.:sunglasses:

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