Kilgore + New Alt Thunder = Eagle?

Ehhh…Eagle could be next, but I don’t think it would have anything to do with the Kilgore being a “non-cyborg Fulgore”. The authentic Nez Perce stuff could be a hint of the future, but yeah, I’m not so sure if that is something concrete enough to make a prediction about.

Did Joanna Dark really use a katana? I feel like I keep reading that she will be a Gun/Kata char but I don’t recall katanas in PDZ.

Gun Kata is just a term people use in reference to the usage of martial arts through guns.

The hell is a “non cyborg fulgore”?

I feel like with the absence of a shago/omen bonus character this season, they are giving us 3 in the post season. (Thanks ig, thanks keits. Mur xmas. Best present i got was this news)

2 remix characters and joanna dark are probably going to be it. I’m guessing Kilgore, shorchid and dark.

Guessing you have to get them in shadow Lords bc i don’t think anyone is playing that and this Would certainly push the the mode up.

(Every sl’s achievement i got was a “rare achievement”. Less than one percent of players got them it read 90% of the time.)

Also, for those of you arguing the differences in guns as they pertain to a 2d fighting game…lolwut

Eagle in Febuary and Katana wielder in march, full new characters. Kilgore is the only remix. Get hyped lol

I would like that they make eagle , with the style of ki1 thunder adapted to this KI.

cyborgs are part human, Fulgore… Kilgore is fully mechanical, pre-Eagle experiment